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how did you get pregnant?

I voted planned pregnancy. with my daughter i suppose you could say NTNP, the pill was making me moody and depressed and i hated it, i asked my partner to start using condoms but he said no because 'they dont feel the same' so i rebelled and stopped taking my pill. 10 months later i fell pregnant with emily, tbh it was a big shock as i was starting to think i was infertile! with this pregnancy we were TTC and got pregnant first try:) x
well, me & FOB were a little drunk & condoms weren't the first thing on our minds :blush: wouldn't change it for the world now though, so glad to have such a beautiful little girl :cloud9:
Being stupid and having unprotected sex! I was a bit uneducated and naive and didn't think I'd get pregnant if I didn't have sex in the middle of the month. I also wasn't really bothered about being pregnant as I'd been with my OH for a long time and stupidly thought a baby would be manageable for us so wasn't really bothered about being really careful :haha:

I wouldn't change it for the world now but i do realise I was a bit silly and immature lol. xx
In general, the first time we just broke the protection. I didn't even notice right away, but only 3 months later.

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