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Feb 12, 2008
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How many meals are your LOs having a day? Ella is 5 months and gets one meal at night .. is this enough ??
summer is 5 and a half months and she has rice for breakfast with a bottle, veg for dinner with a bottle and veg for tea with a bottle, then just a bottle before bed. i did try to give her fruit at dinner but it doesnt agree with her and she is not over keen. so yeh she has three little meals a day.
Sam only had one small meal a day ay 5 months. We went up to 2 a day at about 5 1/2 months (I think) and 3 at 6 months x
Coltons been on three meals a day.
He started out with cereal at night before bed, then after I knew he was good with cereal he got a fruit/veggie in the afternoon and cereal before bed.
Then I swapped them after about a month and did cereal in morning, fruit/veggie in the evening.
Then I just moved his evening meal to noon and started his third meal at dinner.

So, he's on three meals now. He has been for about a month.. month and a half, or something.
My pediatrician said its ok. Erica normally only has one meal a day still. The doc did say tho to try to increase it to two or three as we go along as long as Erica is ok with it. How much milk is she drinking? And does she seem satisfied?
Bella has 3 meals a day as recommended by the doctor as she has reflux.
She has porridge or something similar for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and then something like fish and veg for tea with a few spoonfuls of a fruit puree for desert. She has 3 or 4 6oz bottles as well as this although she doesn't always finish them

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