Hurting, Exhausted, Hot, and 10 more weeks of work to go! (rant and question)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by outdoors1234, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    I'm 28 weeks and was diagnosed with severe SPD last week. I've been in agony for probably 2 weeks now, and trying to carry on about my job and taking care of everything else at home. I work outside and am very active at work - and its been 100 degrees plus everyday this past week. I'm exhausted! My husband would help if he could, but he is overseas for business for another 4 weeks. Anyways, I'm mostly just whining, but I really do hurt!

    My doctor didn't seem to take me all that seriously, even though she diagnosed me with SPD. Her basic thing was to just keep active and rest if it got to be too painful, well that's all fine and good, but this is more painful than when I shattered my ankle! I know it's late in my pregnancy, but has anyone had a doctor take them seriously with SPD? Would it be too late to try another doctor? I just am at a loss as to what to do, and I can't quit working until at least the end of this month, though I had planned to go until 38 weeks.
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    Personally i'd not say to keep active! i'd say rest as much as possible! mine gets loads worse if i've walked further than usual or been on my feet for longer than normal... suffering today from being at a hen do yesterday/last night.
    I was referred for physiotherapy and given a support thing which you wrap tightly round your hips/pelvis to help hold it all together.
    Where do you live?
    Can you go to see a physiotherapist?
    Or if it's really bad, consider getting signed off work sick? Or can you change your work so you are less active?
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    Aug 8, 2010
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    *hugs* I feel for you Hun my SPD is shocking. Unfortunately there isn't much Docs or Physios can actually do for SPD. I too have been for a physio assessment and was given a bump support but find the damn thing so uncomfortable I'd rather not wear it.

    Treatment for spd is avoid prolonged walking or standing. I had an insanely active weekend last weekend and I've been paying for it all week. I wouldn't totally rest up because I find if i've rested in one position for a while once I need to get up it flares my SPD pain up quite badly! Maybe that's what your doc meant about keeping active..but definately take very frequent rests if you are active.

    It depends on how bad your SPD is with regards to meds. I've resisted taking anything until yesterday when I couldn't roll over in bed without bursting into for getting up to go to the loo.... :cry: paracetamol is safe to take. Some ladies need stronger tabs like cocodamol.

    I don't know if you are uk or us but I would at least give physio a try. My MW referred me to physio so ask her for a referral?

    Oh, another thing I found helpful yesterday was putting an ice pack on my pubic bone, the physio recommended that.

    I assume you have a pillow between your legs when sleeping? That does help. Also walking up or down stairs on my hands and feet helps. If I'm slight bent over it takes the pressure off when I lift my legs up (which what really exacerbates my pain).

    Good luck x
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    you need to rest and maybe leave work if its getting to painful for you! i dont know if thats an option yet but maybe you should think about doing that :)
    best of luck
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    I also have SPD (since 23 weeks) and couldn't get anyone to take my seriously. I ended up having a meltdown on Friday and my husband has found me a woman (not sure what she is exactly - osteopath, physio or what) and I'm going to see her tonight. She said that she should be able to help me with one appointment.
    I just wanted to add some helpful info about some special medical shorts I have. I already posted my massive long story on here that tells all the info but I just wanted to add that I have not taken these shorts off since I got them. I thought they were helping a bit but didn't realise how miraculous they are until friday.
    They are supposed to be washed every 3 days and normally I do it when my son is sleeping so I can have a bit of rest while they wash and dry. On Friday I washed them and went to see a physio to see if he could help me, although he said he couldn't he kind of strapped my leg up. I decided to see if that would help so didn't wear the shorts the whole day. By the end of Friday I was in HUGE amounts of pain and could barely walk. After putting my shorts back on I felt IMMEDIATE relief!!! I cannot stress how much of a difference they make. I think if it wasn't for the shorts I wouldn't be able to walk now. They are really expensive but if you are desperate and need to work, I can say they are definitely worth the money!!!!
    I would also recommend resting AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I had mild SPD with my first son and I think it's much worse this time around because I can't rest so much and I had to carry my son loads early on in the pregnancy.

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