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I am soooooooo impatient


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Dec 13, 2007
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November is NEVER going to get here :hissy::hissy:

I know its like 8 weeks away, but its the longest 8 weeks of my life. It might as well be 5 years hah. I'm so big and uncomfortable NOW, I can't even imagine how I'm going to be after another 8 weeks.
lol I know how you feel and I only have a few weeks left!
It all goes so slow during pregnancy and so quickly after the LO arrives!
I feel exactly the same... so I'm hoping he'll show up at 37-38 weeks. I want my flat tummy back!!!
hah its like time is just stuck and not going anywhere. I'm just sitting around waiting for something to happen. I'm even doing a full course load now and that takes up time, can you imagine if I wasn't?
I have a week to go and felt the same as you around your time!

Just set yourself little goals like reaching your next appointment etc sounds silly but seems to come quick then!
i know what you mean i have just under 7 weeks left and a month left at work and tho time is going fast it doesnt seem to be haha i just cant wait now to meet our baby xx
Snap! I have a week at wirk left and 5 weeks until LO SHOULD arrive!! I hope to God I don't go over - I'll turn into such a grumpy cow!!!
I've got 12 bloody weeks left!! Since i hit 3rd tri im like right thats it i want you NOW!! lol
hearing you all loud and clear.
GRRRRR why can't time just hurry for this last stretch
Im with you on this one aswell!! come on bump hurry up please!!

Dont get me started on being big and uncomfy, and feeling like its been ages. Try being 9days overdue :) XxX
I'm the same, feeling like the time is dragging, and then I feel guilty for wishing my life away! lol And I'm sure time will fly by once bubs arrives!
If I wasn't so uncomfortable I would totally change places with you! I am excited to meet my LO but I have so much stuff to get done before she is here!! :hugs:
I WANT MY BABY 2..! Arghhhhh only a week & ½ left..! if i knew id go exactly on time id be fine..just dreading going over..! BIG hugs 2 Ema...every 1 seems 2 be leaving us 2 av their babies hun :(
lol am i the only one that thinks omg 6 weeks is soooo not long away lol.....man i think november is coming soooo fast lol it was only july the other day lol xx
It all goes so slow during pregnancy and so quickly after the LO arrives!

So very, very true!

Now I wish I could go back to the day of delivery when I first saw my little guy.

We are never satisfied. LOL
If I go overdue, everyone I know is going to have to go into hiding :rofl:

God, I know I won't be contrary.
If you go overdue Rae.....:argh:

:lol: I agree with Vickie,the last few weeks go by sooo slow (even though I went into labour 3 weeks early lol) and then when they're born SNAP!My baby is over a week old already :cry:

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