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I thinks its a false alarm again!

i have the same symptoms but worse! i cant even look at food or smell it cause it makes me sick! but when i get my check i am going to get a test! i hope! if i have a ride! just thought i would put this up.
Hey De ja Vu,how freaky. is it planned.....good luck anyways
well it was kinda planned! we are just going with if it happens it happens!
get your ohs mum to take you and pay her back when you get your cheque...
i planned on going to get it friday but i am leaving for a church thing on friday and woulnt be back till sunday!
Does your church condone sex before marriage,wow what a great church,myn would have flipped......
Yea the church dont know! no one knows that we have sex! but my mom! and now my dad! cause of wat happened!
by the sounds of you last post about his ex, i dont think you should be doing anything with this one, get rid....
Go Read the Introduce yourself section, the thread that has been closed. TOO FUNNY. Was a long time coming. :wink:
twinkletoes said:
whos been banned, and why???

Mindie Kay, she was a fake and attention seeking. We dont care for those kind of people here...
how do you know.....

i feel awful now! ive had some pretty bad shit in my life. what if people think im a fake and ban me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bcos shes posted on this forum before and others.....
Shes been here before with her stories and another forum. We know shes a fake because her stories kept changing and then she made another account pretending to be somebody else.
oh right....thats a bit weierd. i really dont understand people like that.

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