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Sep 4, 2006
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Does anyone know the magic ingredient?

I know the asda 81p one has it in but they had none left so I bought some other in a green box :?

And, when should you start taking it in relation to Ovulation?

I'm on 10 and should Ovulate in around 5-7 days (in theory).

Ooooo now this bizz has AGs name on it!

I never used it :oops: :lol:
If you start taking it about now, it should give your body time to thin out your CM in time for the big O.

I've used the Asda one and the meltus one (i think thats in a green box, can't remember)
As long as its got guiafestin (sp) as the main ingredient it will work!!

I have to say gals .... it didn't seem to do anything for me!!!!
Thanks Girls,

I don't think I have a problem in that area :oops: but I'll give it a whirl anyway.
Meltus chesty cough also will work, more expensive but tastes nicer methinks.

If you know when you ovulate then you should take it about 3-5 days before.
Dont think i do either lol, although i tried medicine this month and it didnt do much
Well I just took my first 2 spoonfuls of Meltus and it didn't taste too bad.

Now I just need to sit back and wait for Niagara Falls to begin.

I don't think i do.... just to jump on the bandwagon!
I'll be doing it again this month!
Ive got a bottle here anyways so ill join in too. Just gotta wait for AF to show first.
Well hopefully AF will stay away and you won't need the bottle [-o<
Hi Catherine,

Well AG is probably the best to explain but I'll give it a try.

You can buy cough medicine with Guaiphenesin in it, Asda 81p is the cheapest but they didn't have any so I'm using Meltus.

Well as you probably know your Cm changes throughout your cycle, Dry, sticky, egg white etc. Well the egg white is the most fertile and if you take the cough medicine "magic medicine" a couple of days before ovulation it is supposed to increase CM help make you a bit wetter down below hence helping the ickle smermies swim faster to the egg when ovulation occurs.

Hope I haven't confused anyone I'm rubbish at explaining things :lol:

Question: Can taking cough syrup help me conceive?

Answer: While there's not a lot of medical research to support this idea, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help. But there are a few caveats, too. One ingredient in certain cough syrups — guaifenesin — can help you get pregnant by thinning your cervical fluid, which enables sperm to travel through your cervix and fertilize an egg. If you know from taking your temperature every morning that you're ovulating, but you don't seem to be producing much wet, slippery, cervical fluid, guaifenesin might be all the help you need to get pregnant. This is the paradox, though: You need to know when you're approaching ovulation to take advantage of this recommendation, and the only way to know that is by checking your cervical fluid. So guaifenesin works best on women who do produce at least some cervical fluid.

How does it work? Guaifenesin, a common ingredient in cough syrups, is an "expectorant." That is, it relieves congestion by helping liquefy mucus in your lungs, allowing you to cough it up. And because it works systemically on all mucous membranes in your body, it can make your cervical fluid wetter, too.

The trick is to find a cough syrup in which guaifenesin is the only active ingredient, so check labels carefully. Many cough and cold medicines contain antihistamines that also work systemically in your body but have the reverse effect: They dry up mucus and diminish wet cervical fluid. And while you're trying to get pregnant, there's no reason to expose yourself to any other drugs unnecessarily, so find a product that contains only guaifenesin and no other active ingredients, including dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) and alcohol. Humibid LA — the pill form of guaifenesin, available by prescription — is a safe choice. Ask your healthcare provider to prescribe it for you.

If you're taking the liquid form of guaifenesin, take 2 teaspoons three times a day around the time of month you're expecting to ovulate. If you're taking the pill form (Humibid LA), take it as prescribed for a cold. Either way, I would encourage you to take it from the first day you notice any type of wetness through the day of your temperature shift. That may be about a week.

Guaifenesin may even work for women who've had abnormal cervical cells frozen off or who've had a cone biopsy — the removal of a cone-shaped wedge of the cervix to treat lesions that may be precancerous. This procedure destroys some of the cervical crypts that produce fluid. If this is what's behind your low production of cervical fluid, taking guaifenesin might help you produce enough wet, slippery fluid through the remaining cervical crypts to help you get pregnant.
Ok cool I work in Asda :D and I didnt know that but means I can look out for it :D and get some and see if it works

Anythings worth a try :wink:

They seem to fly off the shelves though I paid over £3 for the Meltus and the Asda one is only 81p :(
£3 for meltus!! i paid about £2.50 for mine, Asdas own is still cheaper though.

If anyone wants to try the natrual approach, natrual youghurt seems to have the same effect on CM as magic medicine does. Just have a serving each day (through the whole month if you can) and try to have it by itself, although i had mine with honey which is fine as honey is natrual too.

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