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*Hanny Spammy*
Aug 13, 2008
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I'm completely and utterly pissed off on how some of my so called "FRIENDS" are being about me being pregnant!
I was talking to one of my friend which is a boy and he started going on about how im apperntly not going to have a life and my social life is going to go complely out of the window, im having a child not doing somthing that is going to kill me! then he was its a bit CHAVVY to have a child at your age(im 17 btw) i dont bealive its CHAVVY at all its a natuaral miracle!

sorry i had to get my feelings out lol!
What a knob!!

Dont worry hun. Im 20 & have a baby. Yesterday I got told it's a disgrace to have a baby when you're under 25!!
i know especially when its lil boys that dont have a clue about life or anything to do with looking after a child. They shouldnt have a right to judge if they dont no what its like
Totally agree

Its a sad thing but im sure we'll both experience a few more comments like this but you just gotta ignore them!!

It will b worth it when you're holding your LO :)
I had my daughter at 17! It was the best experience of my life! I love her to bits, absolutely adore her and am expecting another little girl in 4 weeks! In my pregnancy i found out alot about my "friends" . I believe you find out who your true friends are during pregnancy! There is nothing wrong with becoming a mum at any age! Just ignore petty comments! Hope your well xxx
I hate people like that. I've suggested, subtly, to my friends about me having a baby (I'm 18 and intend to start TTC at the end of 2009) and told my closest friend that we're going to start TTC, and they've all reacted quite well. One however (who is less a friend as such) went all awkward with me. She said something along the lines of:

"Uhh, how old will you be?"

"19 when we start, so at least 20 when we have the baby"

"20...Right....Well then...I guess it's your choice."

And proceeded to make other comments like this. She could've been ruder, but clearly thinks I'm throwing my life away to have a baby at 20! People suck, and I hate prejudice, ignore them and when your baby is born they'll probably all start cooing and forget the silly things they said to you. Age doesn't matter in the slightest, it's maturity that makes the difference.
I toally agree, you defanitly find who your true friends are, i harldy see some of the people that i used to think were my "best" friends because they think i cant do anything now im pregnant! the only thinks i cant do is smoke and drink, so i think they think we have nothing in common now lol
Yep the ssame happened to me. One minute i had people knocking on my door 24/7 and txtin me 2 come out and then when i announced i was pregnant it slowed down and then eventually stopped. Now i dont talk to hardly anyone that i did before. I have met some amasing friends that have children aswel and understand where im coming from! x
Same!, i just normally go out with my boyfriend now, i do call my friends sometime to come out but i dont wanna be the one that has to make the effort everytime, its just some of the things you have to deal with if your friends cant face having a friend with a child
Yesterday I got told it's a disgrace to have a baby when you're under 25!!

Thats the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard Im only 22. That makes me a disgrace does it? What a twat. I bet it was a man that said that. Im really cross and Im only reading it second hand. Cant imagine how you felt.

Also back to the original post, if he was your friend he wouldnt say such a rude and insensitive thing, hes obviously very immature.
im 17 and when my 'best friend found out she at first said "make sure im godmother"which i figured was a good sign and thought she was happy for me!
She later went in to rant mode saying things like
" are you stupid? Your way to young! Do you seriously think you could cope with a baby at your age?"
So yeah not the reaction i was hoping for she then stormed off after i had a go saying i knew i wasnt stupid etc and muttered something about calling me in a couple of days this was 7 weeks ago! I havent heard from her since!
NO he wasnt a man, More like a little BOY! i know what you mean, i was talking to him on msn, and was trying to defend my self saying stuff like im not going to die im having a child, i can still go out ect ect, then thought to myself, why am i defending myself? whats it to him weather i have this child! this is my life not his! so i dont need him telling me "Its Chavvy" or "stupid" Things like this really wind me up!
its your life have ababy when you want and just let them think what they want and as for a guy saying it without the guys the girls would not be pregnant so pfft i say to them lol

all of my family are pretty young...

my mum had me at 18 and my brother at 21 (im 16 his 13)Her mum will be 60 in december and has my mum is 34/35 and she has a son who is 4/5 years older than my mum witch means she had her first at 20 but i no she had a mc before my uncle was born....

my step-dad is 33/34 his sister is 31/32 and his brother is 21 and his mum 49/50 so she had her kids young..

my auntie whos 31/32 has 3 children 1 15/16, 1 is 10 and the last is 5/6
my uncle ( 21 ) has 1 child who is 1 and a half years old

so considering the "oldies" have had kids young what do people under 30 have a right to say about being to young

**no offence to anyone**

** but i do have to say under 16 i dont really agree with but at 16 your legal to have sex so of course you can have a baby (15 is ok ish) **

** as said above i dont want to offend anyone im 16 my self will be 17 when baby is here**
I blocked him on msn, now he started chatting to me on facebook saying that im immature because im pregnant, hes a completly prick and that is the last time im talking to him
i agree with the 16 is the legal age for sex so why not old enough for a baby? Too far under 16 fair enough i see the issue but once someone has passed that age they should be free to choose when they start a family!
Uh people! I have lots of pregnant friends, it's kind of normality in mk. But we still get the odd prick. I think they are just narrow minded immature little kids. My mum even says you're old enough to have sex at 16, you are old enough to be a parent. xx
when i was about five months pregnant, i was waiting in the hospital waiting room with oh's brother waiting for oh. when i went out to call oh, travis, oh's brother, was talking to this man and told him that i was his brothers pregnant fiance. when i went back in, the man started telling me that it should be illegal for people under thirty to get married or have kids. he went on about how he married at twenty and divorced at thirty. i was so mad, but i kept my mouth shut.
Omg that is the most stupidiest thing ive ever heard :l, Somepeople
30!!! what drugs are these people on??? ive always seen it as people who want there jobs,houses and everything first always seem to have problems ttc because some of them leave it very very late..

id rather be younger be able to run around after my child and be able to relate to them more since it wouldnt of been 30 years ago since i was there age..

ive seen tv programs with people between 40 and 45 ttc and having to have ivf and everything because its so late in there life but by the time there child is 16 they will be in there late 50's early 60's how can you even attempt to relate to a 16 year old at that age?

my oh friends mum is 56 and her dad 57 and shes 17
id rather be younger be able to run around after my child and be able to relate to them more since it wouldnt of been 30 years ago since i was there age..

I SO agree with this, that's why I want to have my kids early-ish.

I love all the comments of age of consent at 16 means you are old enough to be a parent at 16, that's exactly what I think. :)

Pah! to those who say otherwise. You either use protection or choose not to at the end of the day. Then there are the cases of 'accidents' but you still decide whether to keep your baby and you are the one that chose to have sex in the first place. :) People think you're being irresponsible even BEFORE your baby is born! How about wait and see how they do before passing judgement!

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