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Aug 31, 2006
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Anyone having problems!

I was chatting to a couple of people an my messages (I sent) kept getting returned! So I rebooted an logged in the same happened! Now it won't sign on at all :evil:
im signed in but cannie spk 2 any 1 sniiiiiiiiiiiiif
am having withdrawls :rofl:
I'm having the same problems and i know a few of the ladies i speak to are to.
everyone on my OH msn contact list have 'MSN SOOKS BIG FAT WILLIES' :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
so im guessing its everyones msn thats down :(
My MSN is fcuked hence the reason I am never on :twisted: It's not worth the hassle trying to log in 40 times :roll:
mines down aswell :( , i hate not being able to talk to people :(
same here, but im taking my hot water bottle with me :D OH is nightshift and its freezing up here :( heatings been on full pelt all day and its snowing again, well its turning straight to ice but its still going :cry: :cry:

nite nite all xxxxx
Is it still not working for you today?

Last night when I looged on I had a message you sent to me earlier in the day waiting for me!
Working this morning :D

Yer think I sent you that message just as you went off :(
mine wasnt working either ! kept returning my messeges, had to text yvonne to tell her incase she thought i was being rude and ignoring her !!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

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