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Need suggestions


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Feb 12, 2008
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I want to get a jumperoo or something similer to it where they can stand/sit playing for ella for christmas but im not too sure if she will be alittle too old and it wont be worth splashing out on it only for her to grow out of it when she starts walking.

Carly started trying to walk at 9 months and was walking at 10 months, and im pretty sure if i can remember correctly she wasnt that intrested in her walker. So ella may do the same .. may not tho!

There pretty expensive toys so dont want to buy them if only going to be used a few months.

Any suggestions if its worth it for a 8-9 month old?

I was going to buy her one now but not point with christmas around the corner and Carly would want somthing if i did end up buying it for her now :dohh:
There is £10 off in argos on it at the mo.. i just dont know what to do !
umm, i have got a jumperoo thing its not but its she sits in it and their is toys around it, my parents got it from a car boot sale for a tenner, i wouldn't buy one for a 8-9month old though, cos i was thinking what u are.

Couldn't you say to carly that its an early xmas present cos she will be too big for it??? or buy her a little something too??? I thought kacy would want something but she wasn't bothered by it she loves playing with kira when she is in it.
I have an activity station by bright starts from Mothercare and after they're done with the sit down bit you can take that off and it's just and activity table!
I wouldn't suggest the Jumperoo for a 8-9 month old as their is a weight limit. We worked out that my boy would only use it for 5-6 months and he has only just turned 4 months.

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