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PAL Fall 2011 ***26 Healthy Babies***

Hello ladies, I'm here!! :wave:

I have to say I love the name Alana; that's my name! :thumbup:

Alistair was born on November 13th after a VERY long and painful induction...but he's worth it. :) He was 7 lbs 3 oz and is beauitul. I will post my birth story when I have a sec...haven't read back yet but congrats to everyone else who had their LOs!~
Congratulations Allie on the safe arrival of Alistair!
Cant wait to read your birth story and see some pics.
Well done you!! :dance:
Congratulations Allie on the birth if Alistair. Can;t wait to read your birth story.

I haven't met anyone called Alana before, but I do love the name very much.
Congratulations and well done Allie :hugs:

How are things with you fides?
YAY congrats allie!! well done hun! cant wait to read your birth story! :D
Has fides had the baby yet? I keep checking for an update, I am guessing no news is good news.
Hello ladies

Just checking in to see who's still left. I've not been on BnB properly for ages as I'm so tired. Andrew thinks sleeping at night is over rated!!!

Congrats Allie.

Pip x
Allie and pip, HUGE congrats!!!

afm, sorry for my absence - i was on bed rest for 7 days after our delivery, and we don't have a laptop...

Well, our :yellow: bump turned :blue:! Jacob was born on Nov 14 at 8:38 pm (EDD +13!!!) 7 lb 13 oz, at home. I'll have to write up the birth story later...

Named him Jacob b/c a very dear friend of mine miscarried her 1st, a boy she named Jacob, at 16 weeks, and she went on to have 3 healthy girls. We decided to honor her lost little boy since our Jacob came on her birthday.
Congratulations Fides! :dance:

I cant wait to read your homebirth story!!!

Would be great to see some pics of Jacob when you get a chance.

Well done, Hun xx
Congratulations Fides on the birth of your son. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Pip x
Hi Fides

Andrew was born at 22.36 on 9 November if you need the birth time for the front page.

Thanks for keeping the thread up to date.

Pip x
thanks, pip - i take it that's 10:36, right? ;)

here's my birth story; will have to get pics out later...
Massive congratulations fides on the safe arrival of baby Jacob :D I'm so happy for you.
Wow Fides! what a beautiful homebirth story. You are so blessed to have succeeded in your perfect homebirth (I had a failed homebirth, and had my baby in hospital).
Also, well done on completing your birth story so quickly! It took me 4 weeks to write mine!
I will post it on here if anyone is interested?
Congrats fides! You are a lady warrior. I couldn't have gone nearly two weeks passed my due date. So happy for you!!
shell, i'd love to read your birth story - please do post it here!

and Jacob:

Congrats on all the new arrivals:happydance:

Fides- Jacob is just perfect!

my birth story is in my journal if any one is interested:thumbup:

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