PAL Winter Babies 2010/11 - ** Waiting impatiently for our remaining babies! **

Heather's Ollie is in neonatal critical care - not in danger, just undergoing tests. Prayers please xx
Fxd all is well for Little Ollie :flower: Heather, Noel and Ollie are in my thoughts

Thinking of fluffy and family, be strong little Ollie. X
Thinking of heather and her family hope little ollie is ok
Just came back from the clinic!

Lovebug is 7lbs 7oz :shock: They didn't check my cervix because of my lichen sclerosis, but they did see he is engaged in the scan, just not how much. They booked my induction for the 2nd of Feb! 14 days from today! So I am praying he comes this week! he's so big! 84th percentile! His sweet tummy is in the 97th percentile... poor little thing.

Any tips on getting him out? lol! I'm going for a walk in a few mins!
If you find a way Wish def let me know!!

Went on my walk again today and coming down some steps a couple of bricks were loose and slipped out as I stepped on them so ended up falling down - am fine - just hurt my foot - but phoned up the council to complain - a lady in the flower shop near the steps said the steps were broken before and patched up - now broken again and been reported again but they haven't sorted it out!!
It just really annoys me that the steps had already been reported and left. If I hadn't had hold of the bannister it could've been really bad - and the steps are well used - if it had been an elderly person it could've been worse again!! and the steps are still dangerous now - I bet this time next week they still won't have been fixed!! grrrrrr
Oh wow H! I am glad you are okay! That's terrible, they need to come out there and fix those steps right away. x
I had my scan yesterday. The levels haven't dropped anymore so although they remain reduced it is not enough to have to deliver today which is a huge relief.

The growth has tailed off a bit - she only gained 3ounces in a week and dropped from the 40th to 20th centile mark but they said she looked healthy wriggling around and there was a lot of practise breathing which is a great sign.

I have to go and see my consultant on Tuesday for a definite induction date which is likely to be the 8th Feb but she needs to check the diary for how busy they are.

It was a hugely busy day and I feel knackered now lol. I have my reflexology woman coming round tonight to see if she can help me with the spd pain so looking forward to that as she was great in my pg with Maff.

Oh and I got to hold teeny tiny twins that the girl I was in with last week had. I forgot how small they are.
:thumbup: good news Vickie!!

Enjoy the reflexology

Think I am in slow labour - started this morning at 7 mins apart but slowed down to 20 mins and back up to 10-15 mins at mo - more intense than this morning tho.

Off to Midwife appt anyway now so might still have a sweep to get things moving a bit faster - then a chippy tea I think :)

Midwife did the sweep - am fully effaced, and soft - but posterior - was 1cm dilated.

The sweep seems to have helped - had tea and a shower, have tens going and am going to time contractions for an hour and then do some relaxations - most likely followed by more showers as the last one was lush :).

I know it's going to be a while before I go in to hospital but going to try and stay chilled. Just chuffed that it looks like I'm def going naturally as I should get my waterbirth ( fingers crossed, touch wood !! ) if all goes well :)

Whoop go H! Can't wait to see Ollie! xxx
Good news vickie.

Glad things are finally moving H, and glad you took the sweep this morning i had one in labour and really got things moving for me :D Can't wait to see little ollie
I also hope you get your water birth they are lush, just dont get in water too early is what i was told x

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