Seperated Stomach Muscles

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Nov 8, 2006
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Anyone had a problem with this or know anyone who has had corrective surgery for it?

Reason I ask is the reason I have a nice all outfront bump is because my stomach muscles have seperated badly, Im now in a body stocking think mmmm sexy trying to hold everything togther as otherwise it puts a lot of stain onmy back. Now initially Iwas not concerned at being told this as Iassumed that if I hit the gym afterwards I can get them to go back together, but then the physio told me this isnt the case, although it will imporve them to some extent I will never get a nice flat tum again unless I undergo surgery to have them stitched back together!!! Very upset at the prospect of a wobbly belly forever. I know they seperated after Noah as I lost my baby weight okay, but still had saggy tum, andI really want to be able to do something about this.

Anyone know anything about this??
Think its just one of those things that comes with having a baby i'm afraid.
I've never had a flat tum anyway, but i've never heard of anyone having an op to pull the muscles back together??!!
tummy tuck?

im not bothred to much about mine, i am a mum to 3 great kids and thats all that matteres to me

ive never heard of an op for such either?
but only thing i can suggest to make it look less saggy is a tummy tuck :wacko:
i guess i was really lucky not to have an overly saggy tum but then im not very nig myself and my bumps were tiny compared to most of the mums at the clinic same time as me.

all i can say hun is good luck and hope you get a nice tum if you chose to go under the knife
No its an NHS procedure not a cosmetic one, its not removing excess skin and fat like a tummy tuck its where your stomach muscles part in pregnancy anyway, but ifs its to sevear they dont go back together again afterwards apparently, this puts strain your organs which arnt then suported properly and strain on your back, as its your stomach muscles that support your back. you have basically a gap running down from your breast bone down past your navel.
im sorry but im sick of people getting stuff on the nhs to make them look better im sorry cat but that isnt a medical problem! im just sick of people getting things done on the nhs when they dont really need to :hissy: i feel so fucking sorry for folk who have things seriously worng with them and vant get the help from the nhs to sort them!!!!

my friend had breast cancer and was refussed that drug to help her live a little longer, she passed away the on new years eve and i just hate people who get away with getting things they dont need to help their health for nothing on the nhs!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry but i agree, this post is so vane!

lose tummy muscles and skin comes with being a mother!!

i know lots of people who have got back in to shape through hard work after teh births, not taken the eay way out and had surgry.

Im personaly proud of my body (not the fat bits lol) but the after baby bits, it shows i have kids.

Im not taking sides here,
Whilst i agree with you Jean about cosmetic procedures done on the NHS, i personally think that if seperated stomach muscles cause you to have back pain which affects your daily life then its a valid reason for getting it done.
I also think the same if your boobs are so big that it causes pain then thats a valid reason too.
Woo hold on a sec Im not talking about a cosmetic surgery!!! I would never have anything like that done on the NHS. My physio has mearly mentioned this to me as she is concerned about the stain that is already put on my weaked spine, which is currently supported by titanium rods. I am not the sort of person who cant be arsed to exercise and sit around stuffing my face, Im a physically fit and active person, but the fact is that she said to me that my problem will not be corrected by exercising and the only option is to have the muscles stitched back togther, as a sever seperation can result in abdominal hernias as well as pack strin, which in my case can be crippling.

So Im very sorry if I have offended anyone, by wanting to look into the options that a professional physio has recomended to me!!!!
did u know about these 'complications' before you decided to have another baby?
Cat, My stomach muscles seperated when i was carrying Jack, not to the extent of yours though, I was also told that they would never go back together and that surgery was an option.
To me if medical proffesionals are offering you this option it must be for your own good, especially with the previous problems you have had with your back.
I don't think you are being Vain on this i think it is for your physical well being

I was really lucky as i was a gym addict before i had Jack and had a six pack, don't know if this had anything to do with my muscles somehow stitching themselves back or what.

Do what you feel you must and way up all the pros and cons thats all you can do
Thanks Jo, my physio reckons its because I have no flexibilty to my back, its forced the baby to come out front more which has caused the problem. I want to aviod surgery if at all possible, I have enough scars already!

And weestar these 'complications' as you put it I was not aware of, again I just assumed it was normal post baby belly, I knew my muscles had separted but I didnt realise the extent. And was somewhat concerned to be told I need to wear a support belt in labour to protect my back and abdominal wall. Are you insinuating that perhaps if I knew I had these problems then I shouldnt be having another child?
Jesus how judgemental are some replies here. Am sure Cat pays enough into the NHS and if she needs to have an operation then she can have one. And even if it was for cosmetic reasons (which she has stated it isn't) then I would be happy for her to have it if it helped her with her confidence etc. My confidence and self esteem have taken a really bad knock since having Seren, and if it got to the stage that my depression was really really bad I would look at improving things. I would probably go private as I have that option but if I didn't then if I qualified I would use the NHS.

And before anyone tells me about people not getting things that they really need, don't bother as I have seen it twice with my parents, and yes it pisses me off but it is down to the people who run the NHS.
dont try and attempt to put words in my mouth!

im off but will be back later on feel free to add mt to msn cat im sure if u have something u want to get of your chest i will be more than happy to talk it over!
I dont have anything to get off my chest to you, I just wanted to know what you ment by your comment 'did I know about this before trying for another baby' as if that should have changed anything??

So it seems we should only be having operations on the NHS if they are otherwise going to be fatal!! Well I guess that I should never have had my spinal operations either then and just lived with the pain and deformed back, ribs, hips and shoulders, atfer all that was just cosmetic too.
Cat don't sweat it hun
It wouldn't have been offered if they didn't think you needed it, at the end of the day the decision is yours.
As Beanie said you pay your NI and Tax like everyone else

thought this might help.
Thanks Hypnorm, Its helpt to have a name for this now diastasis recti I will have to look up a load of info! I have been given a load of info on post pregnancy exersices, which hopefully will help correct the problem, plus I have already been refered in advance to post natal physio care, so they can get to work correcting this asap. It looks to be whats causing my PGP hip pain, as the trunk of my body isnt being supported by my abdominals like it should be. The physio was a bit shocked that I hadnt been refered any sooner, but the level of care Ive been having has been so shockingly bad this time round. But hopefully wearing my lovely stomach support belt and stocking from now on and post natal exercise will help stop it getting worse.

The problem I have is because I have riged metal rods the length of my spine, I have no flexibility to my spine as I have no seperate vertebra and disks. so thins like sit ups are not safe for me as my whole trunk wants to lift as one instead of just lifting the upper part to a crunch if you know what I mean.
Just to jump in here - how do you know if they've seperated? Is it something you can feel/see? I've had a bad back since having Alex, I thought initially it was because I was forced to give birth on my back that I might have done something then. But it's still painful.
Sorry to hear that you're suffering Cat, the op sounds like a great idea if it helps someone to live a painfree life!!
I could see it when i was pregnany with ewan as whe i went to get out og the bath or sit up i could see the sides of my tummy tightening but my tummy button was bulging out also most making a triangle shape with my body - i could also feel where the muscles had parted as theat bit was firm but it the middle it was soft - i could almost get my fingers under the muscle!:wacko: - but all seems to be ok since ewan - just a fat blob now!!

What happened with your back if you dont mind me being nosey!
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