The witch got me

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by charlie_lael, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Well. After a very convincing chart and some really pink evaps AF finally got me. I kinda knew this wasn't my month so I'm glad to finally start a new cycle. She took her darn time getting here though.. She's such a tease. :haha:
  2. Deanna26

    Deanna26 Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2011
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    Sorry your out hun, mine got me too, a week late! I'd been using pre seed for the first time an had broken out in loads of spots to so was really hopeful especially as I'm never late. We should call it the bitch instead of the witch!
  3. :hugs: FX that this next month is your month :)
  4. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Ha ha ha. Definately a bitch..
  5. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Thanks princess, I hope so. :)
  6. I say it'll be both our months next month... and then we'll become bump buddies :)

    Wooooo! :happydance:
  7. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! :happydance:
  8. As much I want to become pregnant... I'm a little scared of giving birth!! Are you like that too?

    So freaky to think you can push a watermelon sized baby outta there! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. lol
  9. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Ha ha ha ha. I'm not really scared of birth.. I think scariest part would be telling my family. I know my husbands family would be thrilled. But everyone on my family wants me to be a career woman. Lol.
  10. How in the world are you not scared of birth!? lol I watched my nephew being born and I was like, "Oh my god I am NEVER doing this!" lol

    As for telling the family... my family and my DH's family will be thrilled. I have my career and so does he (we're both 29)... so we're in such a great place to have our first little one! :) Hoping I get that BFP before Xmas!

    I am not telling the family at Xmas if it happens though... will be way too soon. And if I end up losing the baby... I think it will be more heartbreaking knowing that EVERYONE knows too.
  11. mixedbeautyx

    mixedbeautyx Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    Sorry af got you. Fx for next month!
  12. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd feel terrible. I don't know why I'm not scared of giving birth... I guess I'm some sort of masochist or something. o_O I want to do it all natural. My grandma had 8 kids all natural and my mom and MIL both had four kids all natural. I think I could do it... Lol. Watch me be freaking out once it comes time. "KNOCK ME OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!" :rofl:
  13. LOL!! My grandma had 8 babies too!! And my mom is twin :) Sadly, my aunt has passed away. (As mean as this is to say... Im glad it wasn't my mom! I love my mom and I still need her so Im glad she is here. Just yesterday I spoke to her on the phone for over an hour! I just love my mom -- she's fantastic! :)... )

    LOL!! When my sister gave birth to my nephew, she said the same thing. "Im going to do it all naturally."

    Well, she went in to the hospital at about 11pm. By 3am she wanted drugs! And what do they give her? Laughing gas!! lol a little while later, and the gas wasnt working, she's all, " This is laughing gas?? ITS NOT F*CKING FUNNY!" Bahahahaha so funny.

    Since it was in the middle of the night they had to call an anesthesiologist into the hospital for her, to perform her epidural. By the time 7am came around... my favourite little buddy (my nephew) was born!! :)

    I think Im going for the epidural! LOL
  14. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    :rofl: That is too funny. I think I'm going to end up with twins. My mom was a twin too! She was going to have a twin brother but my grandma couldn't carry him full term. My grandma also had twin boys and twin girls. My husbands grandma has twin girls also.


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