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Totally Forgot Maya!!


Mummy To Maya & Bump
Jan 31, 2008
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Can't believe I did this.....

Went into town today & got all my Xmas cards out of the way. Got the usual shitty ones I send to the neighbours & then the ones for my family members like 'To My Mum At Xmas'

Soooo I get home & i'm writing them out & realise i've forgotton to get one for my daughter!! How awful am I lol
Aw, also did you get the to nana ones etc :) I went and bought all mine last week because before i know it x-mas will be here :) XxxX
Ema - That's what makes it worse. I got all the to my Nana, Uncle, Grandad etc but totally forgot Daughter. I think I forget she's mine. Cant quite get my head round it yet lol

PP - I'm not that bad........yet ;)
thought you meant you left her somewhere lol!!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: thats what I thought:dohh:

I remember about 10 months ago I went into town to get cotton wool for Katie amongst other things and forgot it:dohh: felt so guilty about it:lol:

Totally normal hun, preggo brain never leaves:rofl:
Aw hun, ive forgotten the to my son one....and i wouldnt have got one....until you wrote this :rofl: will have to pick one up :) XxxX
:rofl: I also thought you forgot her in a store or something!

It so often happens to me that I'm in the living room and I hear Lola-Rose crying on the baby monitor and I wonder 'where's this baby crying' :dohh: MINE!
I will let you all in on the one bad thing I did to Maya

I got out the taxi the other week with my mum at the top of a steep road. Set the buggy up & put Maya in it. Then a job ad caught my eye so I took my hands off the buggy to point it out to my mum.............................................Maya goes wheeling down the road in her buggy & very nearly toppled into the road. I was screaming & my mum was running after the buggy to catch it!!

It was so scary but now it seems quite comical

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