TTC baby numba 2


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Sep 13, 2006
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Hi all we are ttc baby numba 2 we have been trying for 5 months now i know that its still early days but its getting me down every month when af arrives.
I got caught on the pill with my now 3 year old... i have benn off the pill since the begining of the year. i hope u all get ur BFP soon and to those that are preg good luck to u all xxxxxxxxxxxxx :hugs:
Hi hun :hi:

Well you are in good company here, feel free to have a good old rant, moan, cry or join in with having a laugh!

We are all here to support eachother so make yourself at home! :coffee:

All the best with a speedy BFP!!! xx :dust:
Hiya Loop :hi:

Wishing you lotsa luck TTC #2 & of course welcome to the forum.

thank you both for the lovely welcome im sure that i will love it here! cant wait to get posting as i think im a bit a post addict :oops:
Spam away ... Why not Tam does :headspin:


Says the Spammer herself!!!!! :trouble:

My posts are constructive!! :toothpick:
Is that what you call it??? I wished they had of called it that when I was at school! I would be laughing now! :rofl:
Welcome Loop ... good luck TTC and I hope you get your BFP soon ...
LOL you lot are nutters i feel right at home

ty bec
Hey Loop,
Hope you get speedy BFP with #2.
And i'm sure you're gonna fit right in! lol!!! :wink:

loop said:
LOL you lot are nutters i feel right at home

ty bec
Stuck that in may diary under 'compliment of the day' :lol:
hi there, welcome to the forum, hope you are you BFP soon

Hi Ladies- an Irish Mum here ttc no. 2. Seana is 18mths (& 5 days- LOL!) and we've been ttc for 6mths or so. It took nearly 5mths for my af to return after the mini-pill & hadn't a clue what my cycle was before that! Has settled to around 33 days now- Using opk's and a saliva scope to see if it helps? :dust:
Am loving all the babydust you're spreading around Irish-mum!!


Am sure with the amount thats around at the moment it will land on someone soon!!!!

hi loop why dont you buy those ovulation test of ebay they are only £2.20 for 10 i used them in july and i caught i also have use them again and hopefully ive caught again as i misscarried in august do good luck to all xxxxxxxxx
ive never used and ov kit before are they ne good?

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