very low AMH is it all over?

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by sukisam, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hi ladies
    I need your help.
    Hubby and I saw FS a month ago and the plan was 3 months of clomid then consider ISCI (hubby has low sperm motility from vasectomy reversal). During the appt the FS did an ultrasound and said I may have low ovarian reserve because he couldn't see many follicles. My FSH was 9 (it was 6 in Jan 2011), he recommended doing AMH. Anyway the day of my 40th party (Saturday!) I got a letter saying my AMH showed a very much reduced ovarian reserve with a level of <1.5pmol/L.
    So I guess the ISCI is off the menu, what i want to know is it worth carrying on or is it time to give up? I don't feel ready to give up and neither does my hubby but I don't want to put us through more stress each month if it's never going to happen? I do ovulate each month and pre AMH results the FS said we had a 2% chance each month (which i know is low) over a year he said we'd have about a 20% chance of conceiving but that was before the AMH results.
    Trying really hard to keep it together
    Sending you all
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    I would go for ICSI. Why not set a time frame for going through all the drugs etc 6months-1 year. How will you feel if you don't try? At least if you try and fail you gave it your best shot. So sorry about your third baby xx
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    I would also go ahead with an icsi cycle, assuming a clinic will acept you and you have the funds (some uk ones specialise in low amh women)

    You had some follicles so you have something to stimulate and try, until you try you don't know just how many you'll get and that old cliche of you only need 1 good 'un.

    I have low-ish amh for my age (32) but my follicle numbers haven't been a problem for ivf.

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