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We are moving....


Mum of 2 - PG with No.3
Sep 1, 2006
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Sadly to Birmingham but......

It is closer to where Paul works therefore we will get more family time together! At the moment he travels from London to Birmingham every day and is out of the house for at least 14 hours at a time as a result, which is no fun at all, then of a weekend he is so tired, he falls alseep all the time. So hopefully the move will sort this all out!

I have told Jade she has to keep her london accent LOL!

So Birmingham here we come.....:cry:
Wow, big change!

Everyone is moving at the mo :D

Hope it all goes well, when are you doing it?

It will be a huge change!!

We have contacted some landlords already and Paul is hoping to have some viewings for when he finishes work next week....if there is anything he thinks is suitable I will then go and see it the weekend. We will be selling our car to finance the move (It is a sporty car, so no good as a family car), so just need it all to tie in together and we will be off, so as soon as really! x
:hugs: I think that the move will be worth it. Esp if that means you get to spend more time together as a family. Just dont let him spend too much more time on here. We hear enough of him as it is............:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

HeeHee....Love Ya Paul!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
not far away from me:happydance:

ohhhhh shopping in birmingham is great
I think this will be a FAB move for you & your family you know that.

New starts are always good an there is more pros than cons although I still think you should have moved closer to me :rofl:

Good luck with the house hunting x x
not too far from me either :happydance:

good luck with the move hun an i hope u'll be happy!
Ohhh Dionne and Sophie where abouts do you live?

We are looking to move South Bimmingham...
YAY i can come see you when im at me mams!!!

just don't get a brummy twang lmao!!!
I agree with Dionne, great shopping in Brum. Its the second city after all ;) (sorry all those who live in Manchester)
Nightlife in Brum is fab too :happydance:
Ohhh thats me there every weekend muahaha
Tam, me and Sophie live in coventry, its only 20 mins in the car, but i hop on the train, the bullring is good but i am not rich anough for them shops:cry:
YAY i can come see you when im at me mams!!!

just don't get a brummy twang lmao!!!

No fear of that, I am a londoner thru and thru! :baby: Paul is originally from Birmingham, and if he gets a twang of the accent, I have a go at him :blush:
Well at least it is sounding a lively place :)

Oh Coventry aint far at all!
yes me lives in coventry, i love brum for shopping its great!

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