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A long term weight loss thread

yay for pushing through even though you didn't feel like it!!! That's a win in my book.

I fell off the wagon this weekend. I didn't eat too much but did make poor choices...especially yesterday which included banana bread...oops. But it was good bread, haha.

I told myself I'd be better today but I'm not doing so well either. My sweet tooth is really getting me.

and yeah totally about the tilapia. look it up!
Did my weigh in, and was 171.8. So officially down 1.2lb from last week. I realized that I just have to stay on it and keep busy. And no snacks is not realistic... But less snacks. :-# I'd really like to push on and be under 170 by next week.

Banana bread is good! Hard to resist that one!! Tomorrow is a new day!!
Gigs that interesting about tilapia. I didn't know that. Honestly I never ate much fish other than fish sticks until I met my best friend in high school. Her mom cooked a lot of different foods than my mom. I'm glad she helped expand my taste pallette.

Sorry for discouraging scale results. I have recently been weighing more than I should. Was interested to see when those 3 lbs would come off LOL

Also, it's okay to eat treats sometimes. I find it necessary honestly. As long as you don't get the mindset of "well I screwed up so why should I try better tomorrow". I try to view it as an opportunity to do better instead of a give up attitude.

AFM funnily enough the scales had went up another lb (187) before coming back down to 183 on Monday. So no changes from 2 weeks ago but that is okay. I feel changes in my body. I know ow I'm getting g close to my period and tend to bloat too.

Kind of dreading this weekend with portion controlling cake. Hooung there won't be much left over. If there is....maybe I can send some home to others LOL I hate wasting food but I suppose I will if I must.

Winter snacking is hard!! I find it much worse on the weekends when I'm not working. I usually try to healthier options but sometimes I cave.

Awesome on losing a bit over a lb!
Wow winter great job!!! And you too flueks, non scale victories are great!

i am back to 164 which is where I started. I’m feeling so unmotivated and discouraged despite trying not to be…I have still been lifting weights and am feeling a little stronger/not as out of shape overall which is good
Wtf with those 4lbs flueky. How infuriating. You're right about non-scale goals. I do feel that in myself just doing the long morning walk (45ish mine). I need to find some new routes to walk though, as it is getting tedious seeing the same stuff over and over every day! Have started the elliptical again, but just 20-30 minutes/day if I'm at home and have a window to do it. It's not physically hard, but mentally I just don't want to be there, and that's the limit to what I can currently force myself to do apparently :dohh:

I'm not super hopeful about a loss by next Monday but there's still time. I feel like I'm doing a lot of activity. So must be eating more than I realize.

It can be disheartening, giggle. I feel that way today. But it's a marathon not a sprint, and all of that. I'm starting thyroid medication today, and apparently that can help you lose weight... So fingers crossed on that one! I'm a bit worried it might push me to go in the other direction one way or another. I hope you're feeling better about it, today. And lifting weights is a great move in the right direction. :)
I didn’t know you had thyroid issues. Is that tied into the pcos? I hope it’s helpful! And walking and elliptical sounds like a major win to me! 20-30 minutes is good!
I found that out from the fertility specialist. I'm within the normal range, but just. So, he suggested treating it as hypothyroidism. I'm curious to see what he says when we see him later this month just about everything.

How have you been doing the last few days? Hope is fading over here for a loss by tomorrow morning. Very frustrating. I think I need to go to bed earlier. Just as a general health thing, and also to stop snacking. Inevitably I get hungry when it is like 5-6 hours since dinner :growlmad:
Ugh I was up 1 lb from last Monday. Not sure if it's from water weight, inflammation post workouts, true weight gain, or a combination of any of them.

I haven't been tracking my foods so going to start that again. I am also only nursing 1x a day so I lost that extra allowance of calories and that may be causing me to overeat a bit.

We had pizza and cake Saturday and Sunday so that was hard. I think I did well. DH commented I was cutting small pieces of cake but I didn't want huge pieces and told everyone they could get more than one piece .

In other news, I do feel better and am noticing a change in how my body looks (for the better). I can fit in medium tops and size 14 bottoms now too. I was in a size 20 last summer so huge change! So just trying to focus on those NSV, track to ensure I'm staying where I should calorie wise, and have faith that what I'm doing is going to help.
I'm going with some water retention as I lost 1.6 lb in 24 hours LOL I do think I'll continue to track for now because I do better when tracking my food.
Glad that it came off, flueky! And that drop from size 20 to 14 is amazing. \\:D/ Don't be too hard on 2021 Flueky- you had a very little baby then, right?! Awesome that you're doing so great with three kids, a job, and everything else :hugs: As an aside- are you a pear shape? I am, and your sizing description sounds like you are.

How are you going, giggle?

I was down .8 from last week. I did a long walk and 45 mins on the elliptical both Saturday and Sunday to get there, though. :wacko: I guess I'm happy overall as that is 2lb in two weeks. I know what to do, just have to push myself to eat small portions and less snacks. Try and keep the activity up as much as our routine allows. Will see how I go this week- especially as I've picked up a pretty awful cold (not covid!). Done nothing at all today to recuperate, but will pick it back up tomorrow.
Thanks winter. I'm actually more of an athletic build. I have wide shoulders and hips but not much of a defined waist. With me not having huge boobs, it let's me for in smaller tops LOL yes qt the start of 2021 I had a newborn, dealing with loads of stress too with moving and living beside inlaws.

Good job on losing more :) Some days are harder than others with the motivation especially when sick. I try to walk and stretch at least if I'm sick and feeling up to it. Hope you feel better soon.
I don't think 2021 was not stressful for anyone! That's a lot on top of the general 2021 sucked vibe ;) so don't be too hard on past Flueky!

I took the one day off, and have gotten back into my new routine today. Hope I can maintain it long-term. Being a pear sucks sometimes- when I think my top half looks good, I feel like the bottom half is too heavy. When I feel like the bottom half looks good, the top half is too skinny. Can't win! :lol:
Omg you went from size20 to 14?! That’s amazing Flueky!!! And yay for a weight drop! Looks likes your instincts on your weight were correct. Feeling better is a huge deal, too! Glad you’re seeing some “NSV’s”!

winter yay for loss this week!! That’s great! Interesting that you can be treated for a condition you don’t officially have :-k I hope it’s helpful!

I’m doing awful but still just sitting at about 164. I am planning on fasting for a few days next week just to try and reset things. I know it sounds extreme but I’ve done it before. I can’t remember if my longest fast was 3 days or 5…it’s tough but honestly I feel amazing afterwards. Mentally I feel better/sharper, I physically feel lighter and better, and best of all it tends to reboot my cravings so that I don’t crave sugar. I’ve been craving sugar a lot these past few days (although that could be period related) and giving in. I’m hoping a fast will help stop the cravings and help kickstart my weight loss as it has in the past.
I've never done a proper fast before. Sounds like a good plan if you feel good after doing it, and feel it would help kickstart changes etc. :) I'm quite enjoying my new routine now- the hard part is the first few days. So if you can do a circuit breaker to get the ball rolling, that's great!

I know a lot of people swear by intermittent fasting. I've considered it, but never tried. I think the key for me is to just stay busy, and in that sense: be out and about doing things where possible (energy out) plus less time at home snacking (less energy in). I'm just addicted to crunchy snacks- I used to eat chips and stuff when I was younger, but these days I can't resist all the goldfish and cheez it variants :rofl: And I can't just stop buying them because LO and OH like them too.
It’s so hard keeping snacks out of the house when the other members like them!! What about some crunchy veggie variants? Cukes and peppers in hummus, perhaps?
That's a great idea. I love hummus and tzatziki. I just need to prewash and cut them, then. Otherwise I'll go for the easy option that you pour out and are done with ;)
Winter yes the past couple years have been hard/stressful. I haven't bought a two piece swimsuit in awhile but I'm thankful you typically buy each piece separately because of my lack of boobage.

I can definitely relate to succumbing to what is easy to grab snackwise. Tracking has helped me be mindful about snacking. Hope you continue to stick to your routine :)

Gigs, be careful with the fasting. Are you saying no food at all for days or IF? Hope you get that metabolism revved up!

Yes it is a huge change in my waist going down to a 14. I do wish I would have pictures but I hated my body. I do recognize I was at a time in my life though where I was just doing the best I could under loads of stress and sleep deprivation. E was waking to nurse every 2 to 3 hours, I felt awful.

AFM I weighed myself and down to 182. I won't update the ticker yet though as I don't have official weigh in until Monday. I did make another cheesecake, Mint oreo, as an early st Patrick's day treat. I ate a piece yesterday and we finished birthday cake of Thursday so pretty stoked to have lost some. Once the goodies are gone, I'll be excited to see what I can achieve. Hoping I can keep up my exercise routine next week, I'll be getting all the after hours calls for HH Monday to Thursday so not sure how it'll go. Will try my best but will cut myself some slack.
Thank you for the recipe! That looks really good- and we usually do a Texmex meals each week. :)

I think you've done amazing to drop that many dress sizes! And be kind to your old self. :) I wish I hadn't put the 10-15lb on through my struggles. But hey ho, I was also dealing with a lot and felt physically terrible. So camping out on the couch and snacking were the go to. :shrug:

I don't think that I'll lose this week :( we went out for sushi one lunch, and had pizza/leftovers on two other days. Have otherwise done really well, but those things seem like they'll derail the whole week. :sad2: Lesson learned, I guess!

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