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A long term weight loss thread

Winter don't beat yourself up. It happens, and I've definitely had gains while grieving.

There are a few other WW recipes I'm fond of. There is a turkey meatloaf one that was amazing. I need to make it again. I preferred it over standard meatloaf. I also like a curry roasted cauliflower side, yum!

Interesting about the vinegar. I love putting a bunch of ACV of mixed greens

AFM My mom and stepdad came over and I gave half of my last piece of cheesecake to them. So a little smaller portion and less guilt for me LOL. DH has a whole piece left but I'll let him have it all. I will be glad to have sweet treats out of the house. The girls have been wanting me to make some homemade cookies but I think I'll wait until after my Dr appt this month. I'll try not to binge eat them. Homemade cookies are a weakness Maybe if I log them before eating it'll help from going overboard.

Fixing to get walking some and then probably try to do my workout. So I can spend time with DH this evening.
Thank you for the pep talk :hugs:! Will see what tomorrow brings with the official weigh in. But a good lesson to learn: I really need to keep at it to get any result.

We have salad a lot, so I figured why not try some of her tips? It's not hard to start with eating vegetables, or trying the ACV and water before eating. So, you never know. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance, so I'm meant to watch carbs and try to not have big spikes as she describes.

My MIL makes the best homemade cookies. I'm a decent cook, but not a great baker. All of your baked good look amazing!

Hope that you had a nice afternoon and are now enjoying some downtime with your OH :)
Weighed in at 170.5. So half a pound lost in the past week. So annoying to do everything right for 80-90% of the time, but be derailed by that 10-20% :dohh: Lesson learned, and at least it's a half pound loss rather than nothing or a gain.

Hope you're both having a good start to the week :)
Yes try to focus on the positives. When I went to in person WW meeting years ago they would say "half a pound, that's 2 sticks of butter". Now I know that size and weight don't always correlate but just Google how much a half pound or a pound of fat looks like. It's more than you would think :)

Hope you've had a good week. I peeked at the scales today and was under 180!! It's been awhile since I've been in the 170s, so I'm excited.

So I will keep up with logging my food. I actually have had a hard time eating calories this week since I haven't had my treats. I did splurge Thursday with a frappe but with my crappy week I felt it was well deserved.

I know you are supposed to do low carbs with PCOS, but I did fix an instant pot spaghetti that was delicious and was only around 400call per serving Cooking the noodles in with the sauce and meat put the flavor in the noodles. Could maybe make a spaghetti squash or maybe some low carb noodles??

Not sure I'll make it to 177 by the time I have my Dr appt on the 30th but I'll be close and it won't hurt my feelings.
I did my weigh in, and apparently put the two sticks of butter back on :( 171lb flat. I've done really well activity wise, but not well with snacking and too many carbs. So, there you go. My clothes do feel looser, though. So that's something. New week begins right now.

Awesome progress! So nice to tick down into a lower set of numbers. I take my hat off to you doing this with a big family, and a demanding job. I bought some cauliflower pasta, but it turns out that it is quite high in calories. Boo! But at least I guess it would be lower in carbs.
Winter sorry for gaining it back. Sounds like you had some NSV. Also, didn't you just get AF, I noticed I still retain water the day of and even day after it begins. So could be some water retention. As for snacking, maybe try preparing a healthy snack earlier in the day. I know if I do snack at night, I want something easy so if I have strawberries already washed and sliced I'll grab them instead of chips, etc.

Interesting about the cauliflower pasta being a decent amount of calories. I haven't seen cauliflower pasta around here though so I didn't know it existed.

Thank you! It is easier now than it was a year ago to carve out me time. DH is supportive too so he helps me get them to bed and pick up so we can have time for ourselves.

Well still in 170s. I did measure my waist, hips, etc. Had some losses from last month. Going to have to search my old bras as I've lost there too LOL. 38D to a 36C. Hips were an inch smaller and so were each of my thighs (if I measured same spot).
I don't think AF played a factor for me at all, but I appreciate the cushioning of the blow ;) I've been working out/being pretty active, so even went through the desperate "maybe i I gained muscle?" line of thought in my own mind :rofl:. But no, I think I just ate too much because I felt like I was so active that I could. Blah. Fingers crossed this week goes better. I do feel changes in my body for sure at least :).

The cauliflower pasta is in the frozen section! So, seemingly it is similar to fresh/soft noodles. Just frozen for practical reasons. Still haven't tried it yet!

I'm glad that OH is supportive and you've got a routine etc down. It gets so much easier to do that stuff once you have a bigger baby who is more predictable. Glad that you guys can spend some time together, too ❤️

Your progress is really amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. And it seems like you've done everything very sensibly, so know what works/how to keep it going :)
That's great you are feeling changes in your body :) it is definitely hard to not go crazy with a treat for working out. It's not perfect but I like using myfitnesspal to log my exercises so I have an estimate of got many calories were burned.

Thank you. Just need to keep the motivation LOL. Tracking is hard to keep up with when life gets crazy. Trying to focus that this isn't about losing quickly but at a healthy pace while failing strength. Trying to avoid eating emotionally too.

You are right though about it being easier to carve out a bit of personal time as the LOs get out of infant stage. I imagine once school age starts it will be a bit more challenging.

Anyways best of luck for your next weigh in :)
Weigh in went well. Lost a lb from last week. Now 178.2. My appt is Wednesday so I will most likely be in the 177s by then. In any case I'm proud of how far I've come. I was 201 in April last year, and I didn't really try to lose weight until November last year as I didn't want to impact my milk supply. Slow and steady weight loss but that's what I'd rather focus on. I've heard losing weight slower is less likely to result in excess sagging skin. We will see.

I've almost finished 21 day fix on Beachbody. I don't follow their diet plan, just the exercises. I added in some rest days too. I think once it's over I wanna try muscle burns fat program.
That's awesome! Go you :) Long term steady losses is fantastic. I'm envious, and hope I can manage to do the same.

I can imagine the skin sagging happening a lot more if you drop weight quickly. It makes sense that your body adjusts better with slow and steady change.

Will see how I go tomorrow. I've had to cut back on walking/exercising as we're doing potty training, and trying to keep on top of LO/stay close to home for a week or two. More time at home seems to mean more snacking, too. Hope to have lost a pound and be 171 or under tomorrow.
Yes potty training takes a lot of our time and patience. I haven't potty trained S yet but I don't feel she's quite ready. She will sit on the training potty and pee in it at times so she's getting closer to being ready.
I think waiting until they're ready is 100% the way to go. He was really into the whole thing, and I think that has really helped. You've already done it once, so you know what you're dealing with!
Look at you ladies go!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to come back and see y'all progress!! Even if some of you (Ok, Winter) doesn't seem so enthusiastic, :p You are hovering around the same weight, and having non-scale victories, so I say success! And woohoo Flueky, down into the 170's! Whatttttttt that's awesome!

so I think the last thing I wrote was that I was going to fast. I did; I ended up going 2 days but I didn't get out of it what I was hoping. I went from about 165 ish to 160, which was nice I guess, but it didn't help with my sugar cravings as it previously has, and honestly I think it's because I gave up too quickly. My goal was at least 3 days but I wanted to go to 10 if possible....but it's just too hard to do with watching the kids. I've fasted a few times now, and have felt best after a 3 day fast. But I always get killer headaches on day 2. And since it was the middle of the week and I had no reprieve from the kids, I just caved in. I just did really light liquids on day 3 (bone broth and tea), incorporated salad on day 4, then went back to just low card day 5 onward. I was maintaining at about 161, but then I don't know what happened....a few days later, like maybe a week or so after the fast, I just became ravenous. I have no idea why. This has been for the past few days now, I am just constantly hungry. I also was eating chocolate, which I know I shouldn't have but I was craving it so bad, and that's pretty typical in my LP (which I'm in now). I went out for sushi with MIL for her birthday, then again yesterday for MIL and step-FIL's bday celebration (both birthdays in March). I'm doing terrible. Haven't been working out either. I don't know what happened, my motivation is down the drain. last I checked I was back to 164 but that was a couple of days ago, I'm sure it's worse now!

Anyway I don't know how to get my motivation back but I need to figure it out. I have a baby show to go to the weekend after this one and was hoping to be to 155 by then, HA. that ain't happening unless I get hardcore, like, today. I think honestly I need to find the motivation to work out. My greatest progress came from low carb PLUS working out. I was thinking just eating better would do the trick but clearly not.

I am hoping I can be more present on this thread and you ladies can be my motivation :)
I feel like the two things go together: when I'm active, I naturally eat better. When I'm sitting around at home, I naturally end up snacking a lot more. So, I agree that getting a work out routine is super helpful. I also can't eat during the time i am working out :rofl:

Honestly, for me this is just a grind it out type thing. So, I know it is really hard if you have other things going on and just aren't feeling it right now. I'd say maybe just make small changes? I am trying to be realistic, because I tend to get into headspace of if I do xyz, I'll hit my goal in like 2 weeks" (but in reality that isn't realistic). Eat that bit better, and then work up from there? I'm sorry- it sucks to want to do something but not have enough gas in the tank to get it going. You will. :flower: I hope what I'm trying to say came across, that was a bit word salady...

I did my weigh in and I'm 169.8. so, down 1.2lb in a week. Im happy with that, but at the same time, im working out and being really active, so clearly still need to eat better. If I could do that, I feel like I'd get to 160 pretty fast. :headspin:
Yay for the 160’s Winter!!! That’s awesome, congratulations!

yes I feel all of what you’re saying. And one thing that’s important during weight loss that’s out of my control is good sleep. My toddler still sleeps like crap and it feels like my efforts are derailed a lot because of this, one because all experts say good sleep helps weight loss, and two because I’m too tired to put the effort in.

i will have to channel my inner Winter and just “grind it out” too, as you say!
Yep- I agree 100%. It's really hard to overcome crappy sleep. You crave high energy food, and don't have the energy to be active. I hope that you find a way to get him to sleep better for you! :hugs:

I may have to start getting up at like 5am to go for a walk pretty soon. We will see how viable that is. I am not a morning person. Lol.
Good luck to you! I tried that before and didn’t find success in it; also not a morning person. Have you tried nighttime workouts before bed? When do you currently work out?
Right now I go for a morning (say 8/9am) walk. Then do elliptical when LO naps. Last summer I was going for walks at night, but I've lost all interest/motivation for that for whatever reason! LO eats his breakfast as we walk, and that works well. But it will soon be too hot for it- might be a good health change all around to get up earlier to work out and then go to bed earlier. How are you feeling today?
Winter what if not putting a timeliness on your goal? I like having a short term goal(STG), like my next STG is getting into 160s but my longterm goal (LTG) is 150, possibly even 140s. If I look at my long term I can feel overwhelmed but having a STG is motivating and inspires me once I reach it. I like not having a set goal date because it's frustrating and disappointing if I don't meet it at that time.

In any case yay for being down 1.2 lbs and in 160s!!

Gigs poor sleep definitely doesn't help weight loss efforts. If I recall correctly it integers with metabolism and our hormones. Those hunger hormones get revved up and make me opt for easy, convenient foods.

I hope ds3 sleeps better soon. It's so hard on our bodies to continually not get the rest we need.

I went ahead and stepped on the scales this morning because I wanted to see how much I'd lost doing 21 day fix. I was 177.2 so met my goal to be 177 by my appt. I also lost 5lbs in a little over 3 weeks, I added some rest days throughout the program.
That's awesome, flueky! 5lb is fantastic, as is you hitting your 177 goal. Sounds like you've got a real handle on what works for you. :)

And thank you for the goal advice! Im gonna go with 1lb a week. That's decent, and will/would add up over time :)

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