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Discussion in 'Kids & Teenagers' started by lusterleaf, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Hi! I have a 4 year old daughter who is in Pre-K. This year is the first year she has been getting invited to birthday parties from the kids in her class. The problem is, I feel like there is a bday party every other week which is a lot financially since I usually show up with a gift card to each party.... What do you do in this case? Do you only RSVP yes to the ones they are actually friends with?

    Also, I know when her birthday rolls around she is probably going to want a party- do you typically have to invite the whole class or is it OK to just invite a few girls that she is friends with? We usually in the past just did parties with her (many) cousins and our friends' kids, but I know a lot of these places have a limit in the # of kids you can invite.
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    I take dd to parties of friends only. I also don't spend over $10 on gifts. For dd, the past 2 years (PreK and Kinder) I did invite the whole class bc I didn't know any of the moms and dd changed friends a lot. Big mistake and I'll not do that again. I didn't realize that most people don't bother to RSVP anymore. I find it very rude, but it seems typical in my area. This year, I'll invite only friends. Here, if you don't invite the whole class, then invitations shouldn't be sent to school.
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    We don't spend over £10 on presents. We usually just go to friends parties and the odd other party too. When my DD had a party we just invited close friends as the costs mount up with more numbers.
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    We do the same set a budget ! It’s £10 for close friends and £5 for the friends they don’t really play with . DD1 has been giving her friends money as they are all going to be 7 this year . DD2 she just picks a toy up for them.

    I agree though, it gets really expensive ! Now DD2 has started getting invited to her own nursery friends parties !

    If my girls have a party we usually just invite the children they play with . If it’s a hall which other mums have done they just invite the whole class . We’ve usually just have a play centre with a max of 20 children !

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