can't i have a BORING pregnancy? (another worried thread)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Babbs34543, Jan 23, 2011.

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    ugh so a few days i had a the bit of bleeding, they said i have a yeast infection and fibriods on my uterus.. which are lumpy tumors on the uterus and my placenta is low.

    well NOWW... i feel like i am having contractions. My uterus gets ROCK solid (when it happens it is visably different and very easy to feel my uterus when normally its not) and becomes very uncomfortable. No pain with then so thats supposed to be good but the discomfort level is pretty high with them. Last night and this morning its still going on and i don't think my baby likes it as when it happens my babies heart beat drops to in the 130's vs the 150's she/he has as a new normal. Few weeks back baby was always 160's-170's..but i know coming into 2nd trimester the heart slows naturally. But i REALLY don't like 130's i am super scared about all this. It's the weekend so of coarse the only thing i can do is go to the ER..which honestly will be of no help. The emergency room is just that EMERGENCY care... not what i am looking for. That and my ER treats the preggo women as back burner annoyences... I want to sit down with my doc and discuss whats going on i want an OB to talk with and have a look and listen to the baby when this happens and find out what is really going on.

    Has anyone else around my week felt contractions yet? In some articles that braxton hicks can start all the way from 6 weeks... if i have 4 in a hour i should be concerned so i guess i will start counting them out. Pregnancy is scary and its stressing me out.

    Monday needs to be here now, the moment i wake up tomorrow i am calling and making an appt. I know i keep going in but i am very concerned. Why can't i have a normal pregnancy, no blood, no contractions, no fibriods, no hematoma's... just plain jane boring uneventful pregnancy?!

    16 oz of juice and lay on left side.. it's 9:30am next hour i will count and see if i have more then 4 contractions.
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    oh hun really hope it settles soon and you just have a peaceful pregnancy x

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