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Aug 31, 2006
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Last week a cat somehow got in past me and the puppies and sprayed or wee'd on my carpet, IT STINKS!!!!

Cat wee/spray has to be the worst smell in the world.

So yesterday i paid £50 to get my carpet i can still smell it! :( its not as bad but its still there, bloody cats! :evil:

I called the carpet guy and he is coming back round to clean it on tuesday, so now i have to wait another few days with this smell. so annoyed!

awww yuck!!! poor u thats a horrible smell 2 have 2 put up with :twisted:
Oh no thats the worst thing!

Why are the kittys doing that?

Read this site Layla:

its basicly saying lemon jucie, white vinagar and boiolocigal (sp?) powder will remove it, so if i put all 3 in a bowl together it should triple remove it! :rofl:

thanks! :)

I would give it a go tbh having problems with my cat last year I soon learn normal shampooing of the carpets is useless so I wouldn't pay someone to do what you could do :wink:

Good luck its awful!

My problem started with the the cat being pissed off (literally it seems) :lol: when we got the dog (this was me and an ex) so they had territory pissing fights! Wasn't amused & would never have that again :(
i had probs with my cats a couple of years ago, i had two older cats and got 2 kittens, they older carts hated it and all 4 of them were going in the same place to mark there spot.

i scrubbed the carpet so many times but it only dulled the smell never got rid of it. i ended up cutting the underlay away (it was soaked full of cat wee, yuk! :sick: ) and then the smell went and so did the kittens! then the two older ones were ok again.

There is no underlay under my carpet in this house so there is nothing to cut away, so the smell is defo in teh carpet itsself.

Just sprayed lemon flash all over it and scrubbed it in. hopefuly the lemon will do something, if not i will get out the vinager lol

just got this...

Small batch - For use around the house.
16 fl.oz (480ml) Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. (6% - 20 vol)!
(Available from all good Chemists and Supermarkets).
2 tsp. Of Bicarbonate of Soda.
1 squirt of household washing up liquid
(as you would use for doing a standard bowl of washing up)!

the carpet man is coming back on tuesday, if he doesnt get rid of it then i will try that....if that doesnt get rid of it then the carpet is coming up!!

If you use vinigar or lemons the acid will neutralise the alkaline in the cat spray and should get rid of the smell...
does dog wee small the same as cat wee?

i cant figure out when a cat could of got in here, we left teh back door open alot but im sure one of us was always downstairs.

Jase thinks that dog wee is diffrnet to cat wee smells, but im not so sure now, maybe it is the dogs after all?

i havent had dogs to know what there wee smells like, and i defo know what cat wee smells like from having 4 cats in teh past.

anyone know??

It does smell different, cat pee smells much more stronger and it is hard to get out.
ok, its defo cat wee then, its getting right on my chest now, can feel it getting tight
u poor thing tht must b awful havin 2 put up with!
Awww man, sucks that the carpet dude can't get round quicker!
Poor you!!

I hope you get rid of it soon ~ :(
I went mad today and threw bowls of hot soap water all over the 2 areas where i think the smell is coming from, i scrubbed it for ages then made up a water, white vinugar and lemon juice solution up in a pray bottle and sprayed the areas well.

got to wait for it to dry now....which wont be for a while, its soaking lol

but the guy is coming out n tuesday so he will clean it all up and then suck up any water left over.

fingers crossed it works! if it doesnt, we are going to have a slight accident with a tin of gloss.....

I know this sounds like a silly question hun, but my little mind is ticking over full time.... :oops: Can Jase smell it? :argh:
I called teh guy and told him he had to come today, i couldnt bear it anymore, he came at 12 and has done them all again and sprayed some stuff on them after.

he said i have to wait for 2 to 3 days to be able to see if the smell has gone totaly, its so much better already, just hope it stays that way!
coz last time it smelt better then came back.

fingers crossed!!!!(i hope u never had 2 pay twice btw!!!!)
no i made him do it for free, should have been right the first time! lol


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