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Christmas Day Plans


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Aug 31, 2006
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Whats the plan?

Quiet, loads of family round, going to family, friends?

We're having Christmas at home with Imi, Gav & Maddie :D Then new year with them :twisted:
We are going to my Mums for dinner as always and as its only across the road i can be back and forth allday for stuff

Then at night will get Jack to bed and at about 8pm it is open house at mine and i put a buffet on and we all drink like maniacs :D ( maybe not me 'cos of Jack but ya know)

This started as just family, then a few friends and now everyone knows about it and i can easily have 30 people in the house :shock:

Its great fun i love it

Dunno what we doing new year yet
We have christmas eve with my folks and then a privet one just us. Then Christmas Morning a quick stop at my folks because santa still pops in there to fill the stockings. Then in the afternoon we go to my auntes house.

Cant way!!!!! :lol:
Me,mum Dale & Rebecca in the morning, for dinner Isabelle and Kayleigh are coming- mother (18) and baby (18months)-my mum fostered Isabelle for 9 years, so babies ahoy! :shock:
christmas eve eve picking my nan half way from warwick then christmas eve kacy is opening her birthday presents from my nan and my aunt and uncle, christmas day my parents my sis matty parents his borther and sis and my nan are coming round mine for christmas dinner, (had to buy a new table and borrowing my mum's table as well oh and her chairs).

New year have not got a clue, my mum has invited us to her next door neighbours house but i don't know if i want to go, or me and matty could do what we did last year (with a slight change kacy with us me very very tried and ill so kacy stayed at my parents my nan looked after her) just stay at home watch tv, we wil proabably play a board game and have a couple of drinks
heres my plans lol:

get up at 7 open pressies with kids get ready..

go 2 darrens mums for breakfast at 10:30

go 2 my dads at 1230/1ish

mums for christmas dinner bout 3/4 ish!!!

new year am doin bugger all!! as my bday is on 29th(a wee pressie will do :p:p) and am having MAJOR piss up on 30th :D:D
24th with my OH and Matthias. 25th is OH at work and I think I will stay with my parents then. 26th is family time with OH`s folks...

Worst of all: OH isn`t home on 31 December :x
Christmas eve get up at approx 4am and drive 350 (ish) miles up north, to MIL. Christmas day at MIL, tho will pop down to my mums for a bit (only lives couple miles away) so kiddies can open some pressies. Boxing day to my mums till mid afternoon then back to mil and hopefully los will sleep for a bit. Following day or day after to my dad and stepmums for the day. New Years prob travel home and quiet evevning in with DH.
well me and russ spendin the mo together opening prezzy then he goes his mum and i go to mine to open prezzy with my 2 brothers russ has lunch with his mum them me mum and boys go tomy grans have lunch then russ comes and meets us after lunch to open prezzy with my gran then we go bk to his mums i open prezzy there and them we go bakc the flat and chill xx
You already know what im doing LOL shall be with Charl, Stu, Gav and Maddie :D ....

Looking forward to it as it will be recovering period too,

Can't wait will be lovely xxx
Im going to my mums house xmas eve when we have a 'lucky dip.'
basically its a family tradition where my mum and step dad buyloads of silly and useful stuff and put numbers on them all. then u pick tickets and get whatever pressie matches your ticket number...bit like a raffle really if that made any sense???
its really good fun as when we are done we all spend ages swapping stuff for the things we need/wabt. i think this year we have over 40 'prizes'each

then on xmas day we get up and open pressies. then we have breakfast and then the kids play with their toys while the adults chill out. i usually help mum in the kitchen. i really love christams at my mums, i cant wait!

im off to my dads boxing day. i dont really like going as my step mum is always really off with me. and this year they arent even doing a xmas lunch (they usually do) as my step mum says its too much hassle! but i guess as long as the kids are happy then so am i.
then on the day after boxing day im going to spend a few days with chris (my oh) and his kids :D
We are staying home, we are having family & friends over on christmas eve and boxing day, but a quiet christmas day just the 3 of us and the bump :wink:
just the 2 of us and bump, an open fire in our little house by the sea!!!!!life can sometimes be so very very simple!! may go for a walk on the beach if its not too wet and windy, then lots of food and non-alco wine :( really looking forward to having the time alone together tbh! have to go to the inlaws for a few days after xmas, then new year i havent a clue yet!?!?!
Dont know yet, prob me and Rob spend the day by ourselves like last year.

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