Deciphering christmas cards...argh!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by anothersquish, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Am I the only one who struggles with the yearly "Who the hell is this card from??!"
    Sat here trying to match handwriting and wondering who "grandma and grandad" are :wacko: I said they have spelt our sons name right so it must be a close relative but I have no grandparents, OH only has grandmothers and his parents have already sent us a card signed "mum and dad" and our son a card signed "grandma and grandad" so who the heck is this other one from?????
    Im so confused!
    Do you also get the ones through the post addressed personally to you (& family) from "Judith and Keith" with no indication of who they are and how they know you so you sit thinking and going through the address book for hours trying to find out with no success and feel guilty because you cant return them a card and probably havent done for X number of years so they probably think you are a) a grinch or b) have moved without telling them :dohh:

    THEN you get the ones with the handwriting that is completely unreadable (my father is one of the guilty parties....he wrote a letter in the card he sent to idea what it says other than hes enjoying his retirement??!!) and you cant for the life of you with the small pile of cards you have left over figure out which is from which person/people so when you bump into someone and they say "did you like the card?" you smile and say "Oh, yes" hoping they dont expect you to go "awww" or laugh....least this year if I make the wrong noises whilst being questioned I can mutter something about lack of sleep and get away with it :blush:
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    Sorry, that was actually quite funny reading. I'd sooner they think I'd moved. Waaaaay too complicated for me. What does bug though is when you get 3 cards from "Sarah and Mark" (for instance) and you can't figure out which bloody "Sarah and Mark" you like and are willing to return a card to :muaha: xx

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