First Trimester: small amount of blood and cramps after vaginal exam

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by catjoannakin, Mar 30, 2011.

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    I went in to the ER to get examined, I had a fleshy piece of skin hanging from the rear end of my vagina (for which the ER did absolutely nothing for and ignored after finding I had a vaginal infection). They did a vaginal examination and gave me a shot of recephin and some tablets that began with a z for antibiotics and today I had very small spotting and slight cramping in my lower uterine area. It has actually practically dissipated but I am reluctant to go back to the ER because they were rude and did nothing for me, they didn't even do an ultra-sound or look for the baby's heart beat!! And I cannot get an appointment with an OB GYN because I am new to my area and they are threatening to charge me $3900 before the even SEE me even though I have insurance! (Blue Cross Blue Shield at that!)
    Anyone gone through this?!
    (also, I am due in late Sept anyone else in the same boat?)
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    Mar 4, 2011
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    I have NEVER herd of them not wanting to see you when you have insurance! I have never had any problems walking in and being like I am in the process of applying for preg. medicade (when I didnt have it) and then getting an apt. That is so odd!
    I am sorry the E.R was so awefull. I know how you feel. I have been in that boat many times. We wont go there tho! Lol
    I went to the er and had no info on me what so ever (i went in for major bleeding) and it was out of my county- the seen me and treated me no problems. They found I have BV or something like that. I am now on medication for it.
    I am clueless on your skin issue tho. Possibly just a freak occurance? I have a paper cut i think down there and it is killing me.
    As for the cramping it could be from then poking and prodding around down there. Or maybe from a bladder infection?
    Hope things get better for you!
  3. catjoannakin

    catjoannakin Guest

    Thank you so much for everything you replied about in your response,
    They also diagnosed me with Bv (bacterial vaginosis) but they ignored the "fleshy piece of skin" which I found out through my own research could have actually CAUSED the BV...maybe I should be my own doctor...all I need is an ultra sound machine and access to a lab!! (haha)
    They should give you a shot for your BV...they gave me a shot of rocephin and four tablets of zithromax (class B for pregnant women) and said my BV should clear up in 13 days...but watch out because they tried to tell me I have chlamydia..which is next to impossible because I got checked out when I was with my last partner and the one I am with now (and pregnant with) was a VIRGIN when we first had this hospital is BS.
    If the bleeding continues, I plan on going back to the ER and being a b*tch to them about the last visit, I had no bleeding or cramps before they examined me and gave me the shot, they didn't check out what I went in there for in the first place, they said they were gona listen to the heartbeat and didn't and they didn't do an ultra sound and they know I haven't had one for my pregnancy yet.
    SO peeved.
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    When I went to my 1st prenatal appt the Doc did a culture- He said that if I bled a bit that it was totally normal- If the did anything up there, a pregnant woman's uterus is very sensitive- I dont think you should worry about a little bleeding- Good luck :)
  5. catjoannakin

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    I just wanted to update on here...
    As it turns out, when I returned to the ER, they actually did an ultrasound this time and found that the baby had stopped growing around 8 weeks which was (I believe) over a month ago. There are many causes for a miscarriage, and the infection I had could be one.
    I wanted to post this so that I could share my story to hopefully prevent or prepare other expectant mothers. If you go to the ER for ANYTHING while pregnant, even if it's not related to your pregnancy, GET AN ULTRASOUND, DEMAND IT, DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL ONE IS PREFORMED.
    Thank you guys for your feedback, and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy <3
  6. tjayne07

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    so sorry hun,sending you lots of :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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