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General chatter while we wait (and commentary on the "pull out method")

Cervix is super high today, but it takes a few days of being high, so no guarantees of anything. If I do get a positive OPK in the time window, I’ll let you ladies know!
OPKs are still super negative despite cervix still being up, so I’m probably out unless I both get it soon AND DH has super sperm
I’m definitely out, negative OPKs still despite the extremely fertile signs :(
Hey ladies. Sorry to be a little MIA. Didn't get emails about the most recent posts. So, I just kinda skimmed what's been going on.

shae - We don't really have the option to be picky or choosy with our MWs. There's literally one clinic that services my area, otherwise you're stuck with an OB. lol. Doesn't hurt to call a few and ask questions. But if you have a good feeling about the one that uses the term "mom", go for it. Also, see if they offer gas and air. It's so good! And definitely helped with my home deliveries.

AFM, just been enjoying the FL weather. Went to Disney Hollywood Studios on Monday and Magic Kingdom yesterday. Was able to get the kids on some rides. My MIL and her husband just arrived last night, so we'll get to spend a couple days with them before we head back.

And I also hate this new layout. lol

Pretty the kids are adorable! I hope they had fun on the rides!

I’m not sure if nitrous oxide can be done for a home birth here, I’ve only heard of it used at birth centers and hospitals. Midwives do always bring oxygen though (in case of emergency).

At this point I might get the fertility monitor before I ovulate :rofl:
Aaaaaand first test with the new Inito monitor gives me peak fertility, I maxed out the LH and estrogen levels :rofl: took an OPK to confirm, it is indeed positive. Unfortunately, it’s 2 days too late to get me pregnant unless DH has abnormally long living sperm, which I doubt lol.
I missed a lot lol

Aww pretty glad you’re having fun! Love the photos!

Shae sorry the timing didn’t end up working out :(

Afm too much balls to jiggle is it winter break
Hey gang! Firstly, I’m so grateful for all your responses to my essay on my marriage. I read them all and am happy to report that things aren’t feeling so dire. We managed to up the frequency of our couples therapy sessions and talked about a lot of the issues I mentioned.

OMG it was WILD to see Gigs ask for more TWWs and BFPs and then BOOM - Pink rose to the occasion at the perfect time. I never saw that coming. Though I understand it’s a complicated thing with telling hubby and also potential gender disappointment. Have you told him yet? It seems like you’re… 14ish weeks now? I’m very lazy with my mental math. Also is it selfish of me to be excited about having a bump buddy? We’re into 4-7 weeks apart! (Again, lazy math and also would need to click back to double check your due dates).

AFM I’m 21 weeks today and had my anatomy scan last Thursday and then did a little gender reveal with a balloon just between me, Matilda and DH. Any guesses before I reveal?
Wait was there a scan pic to guess from or just like divining from the universe?
Wait was there a scan pic to guess from or just like divining from the universe?
Bahaha I actually originally thought divining from the universe, and then after I put my phone down I thought hmm they’re gonna be like “what the heck do we base our guesses on” so I thought I’d add the 20-week ultrasound pics but by that time I was too lazy to pick my phone up again and instead had a little chuckle about the ridiculousness of my question and reasoned I’d try to remember to add the pic the next day.
Okay here he/she is. Oh wait I’ll also add some pics that may or may not show the nub at 13 weeks (I can never tell). Yeah that would be better duh. The top one is 20 weeks, the rest are 13 weeks.





I’m terrible at guessing by ultrasound. Looking at a born baby, I have a very high success rate of guessing correctly, but that whole black and white 2D thing does not give my brain enough info :rofl: I know some people are good at the skull and nub theories though.

All that said, I’m gonna guess boy.
While we wait for Jez to give us the big reveal, let me entertain you with my crazy dream last night :rofl:

Last night I had a wild dream that I used the toilet and when I stood I had an umbilical cord hanging out of me with a placenta at the end of it sitting on the floor. So in the dream I was like “oh god, baby isn’t getting oxygen, I need to push it out NOW”, and out came a very premature baby girl, I did CPR and she started breathing. Now since this was a dream and consistency does not exist, the baby then decided to be full term when I turned away and looked back :rofl: aaaand then I woke up soaked in sweat, yay hormonal night sweats (not). That is all.
Ooh Shae, interesting dream. How did you feel when you woke up?

Also I’m very impressed by all your gender guessing skills. I,too, thought it was a boy, as did practically everyone I met, so we can all be victorious.

Hubby and I always maintained that we’d struggle to name a boy because we can barely think of any names we like, let alone agree on one, and yet within minutes of finding out, he, Matilda and I agreed on one.
Jez awww congrats on a little boy! Are you planning on being done with 2 kids? If so, I think it’s lovely that you get one of each :)
Re: the dream, most of my waking thoughts revolved around “ew I’m soaked in sweat, I need to go shower” lol. Part of me is definitely like “what if I’m pregnant” but I know that with O-7 the chance is near zero, so I’m not holding my breath lol.
And now I am holding my breath :dohh: because my morning fertility monitor test said I maxed out both estrogen and progesterone levels, and both times I’ve done that previously have resulted in a faint line. I did have pullout O-1. I noticed a tiny bit of tan spotting today, but I’m 8dpo and high progesterone so it could just be implantation rather than early period signs. Agggghhh I make myself crazy. I’ll check my levels again tomorrow morning to see if the progesterone holds.
Starting to not hate the new look glad to see it was still mid update haha

Shae interesting to see the numbers but yeah agreed 0-7 doesn’t bode well but hey 0-1 pullout you never know. Was it a pretty clean one or like iffy/sloppy

Afm excited just booked our tickets for legoland and sea world. Why I’m a huge cove and black fin person…. I caved lol A really wanted to go. Almost took him to Monterey today where we wound have seen orcas feasting on a gray whale calf! But instead we stayed home doing nothing lol. Might also get a day of the wild animal park but worried about overdoing it physically

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