Investigating Recurrent Miscarriages!


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Aug 31, 2006
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Well most of you know whats been happening this last few months, if not most of the details can be found in my journal:


We see the consultant for the first time tomorrow - Really at the end of the day if this man doesn't help then theres not really anyone else who can! Pretty nervous about the whole thing & I'm not sure why!

I will be testing early but I seem to have luck with Clearblue & early testing but I feel we've *whoops done it again* anyway! Boobies sore (nipple pinching OH doesn't help lol) & a REALLY weird CM this last couple of days! Never had it so early on - Implantation bleed apparantly can occur from day 3 so well who knows!

Wish us luck [-o<
Good luck!
I really hope the consultant can do something to help you!
Good Luck Charl, we're all rooting for you.

I really hope you get some good news tomorrow.

Charm x
oh fingers crossed for you both, we are all here for you and praying for you too...
HEY Wobster!!!

Here wishing you all the best for 2moro!!!

Bon Chance!
Hey babe, wishing you lots and lots of luck for tomorrow hun, I really hope they have some answers for you or have positive routes for you to take next!!!

Also your CM being so different, could always be a really good thing hun, don't want to get your hopes up, but different is never a bad thing when things have gone sadly wrong in the past!!

I have everything crossed and will be thinking of you tomorrow hun!

Take care and let us know as soon as you can how it went!

All the best Wobbles & StirCrazy! Go give 'em hell!!! :hugs: xx
Good luck tomorrow Wobbles :friends:

Did I read that right....? You think you are PG again this month? Wow!


Probably Helen ... Would that surprise you? :fool:

An thanks gals & guys :D
Wow, Wobbles!! :shock: Again?!

Good luck today, hope all goes ok.


Could be wrong for once I guess :lol:
Hey honey, i just wanted to come and wish you luck today, i willbe thinking of you both. xox :hugs:
I was up this morning just after 7.30AM - I wasn't sure if my appointment was at 9AM but it's 2.15PM #-o *Yawns*

Anyway Clearblue is a faint + so there you go! :-#
Well not quite sure how I feel towards today seems there’s a little of good came out of meeting my consultant!

He’s very ‘not bothered’ attitude & pretty defensive. I have forgotten what my OH said to him but maybe he’ll reply (hint).

Pretty quickly into discussion he said there wasn’t really much else that could be done the fragmin (heparin) I was on a couple of months ago was due to a borderline positive of lupus but on a repeat test I had a negative. That’s pretty much for further on down the line than NOW when we don’t get past 5 weeks. We sort of knew that! :-s

I had a number of blood tests a wee while back, a couple of those are immune related but there are more biggy tests that can be done which are usually not carried out at the hospital BUT of course the "usually" made me question if ‘I’ could have these done! SO with the miscarriages we have occurred so far he is sure he can negotiate with that department for me to have these tests done!

HCG injections – Well back to self injecting. I have to inject (well he does) 10,000I.U of Pregnyl chorionic gonadotophin (HCG) 3 times a week! Had my first today so no more home tests for me (will save us a fortune). :lol:

Booked in for a scan on the 26th! Unlikely to see anything but they might if it is too early they will check the lining of my womb! If a MC was to occur in most cases the injections will stop my bleeding hence I have to be scanned so soon but in other cases these may help us to carry our pregnancy full term ( [-o< ) - something to do with the placenta!

If the pregnancy fails the consultant will arrange for the extra screening/blood tests.
I have spoke to all I want to say is, I really hope this is going to help and you get what you both truely deserve babe [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< :hugs: xxx
oh my, dont wont to dwell for you but i truly truly hope everything start to happen for you...still keeping everything crossed.
the epu told me that the hcg does the job of the pacenta which is why the levels should double every 48hours until 12 weeks, from then on the placenta takes over but you still need a stable hcg at this point right up til birth...dont know if that makes sense but thats how they explained it to me. xoxox
I'm a little confused like how it works - Even what the success rate is but what you have said makes sense - Thanks :D
Wishing you loads of luck with the HCG injections. I really hope they work for you and you have the news you deserve on 26th.


Thanks Helen x

Do you know much on how the HCG helps? Not sure if you take this during your IVF cycle (?)

Hmmm...*digs out IVF booklet*...

Looks like there are 2 lots of HCG during IVF. They give you one dose 36 hours before the egg collection to bring the eggs to maturity at the correct time.

Then after the embryo transfer, you get one on that day and another 3 days afterwards or more if you are "at risk". Doesn't actually say what it does other than "hormonal support".

Sorry, I'm not much help, am I? Can you belive I know so little about my own treatment!?


Cuggles for you
I hope he does the negotiating for you, and that the scan goes okay


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