April ‘baby’ showers 2020

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    Haha that’s the issue here cupcake I get really in the mood around ovulation too! But I’m just not fully there with the idea of it just yet so can’t just go with it, and once you’ve tried you know all your signs and where you are in your cycle! My heart is totally ready but my brain knows a few more months will make everything easier! Just hard when it’s taken time before! I go back and forth!

    Mother- ahh so you agreed to one year trying? Fingers crossed you get your positive before then!
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    I know what you mean. It's taken us a while a couple of times now so I'm not even sure that it will happen within our time frame but I also don't want to be trying for years again. That's one of the reasons we said we'd just give it a year. Another was wanting a close age gap as he's so much younger than the others. Plus our own ages. So hopefully it'll happen soon and I won't have to worry about whether to keep extending the time we ttc or to just call it a day.
    I hope things happen for you when you feel ready for them to.

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