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    Jan 7, 2007
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    Just wondered if someone could help re an item on ebay.....

    My OH won a bid for some glass/pottery book ends and a snow globe! The items cost £3.71 with £6.00 for P&P!

    Postal insurance wasn't offered.

    They arrived yesterday morning via parcel force when I opened the parcel to find they'd been packaged in a shoe box with loads of shredded paper! I did think how bad they were packaged andyway they were in hundreds of tiny pieces! If that was me I would have wrapped each thing in bubble wrap and then made sure they wern't squished in a box!

    We contacted the sellar to tell him and he said he would only give us £3.71 refund as the damage wasn't his fault and the were packaged really well!

    The items were packaged cheaply.....a shoe box & a bit of paper?! It didn't even say anywhere on the package that it contained glass! Although he did write where you have to declare whats in the package 'bookends & snow globe!' but that was tiny and nobody (the post) would have noticed?

    Where do we stand with this?

    OH said he would give neutral feedback but I still think we should get the whole amt back and if we get that then leave him neutral! If he refuses then give him negative?

    I am right?
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    Aug 31, 2006
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    I would email back saying that you want the full amount back inc p&p as you feel the itmem wasnt packaged well at all and the fact that it has broken into pieces proves this.
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    Did you pay via paypal? If so make a claim but could be pointless.

    Email back and tell him you are discusted with his offer when he could claim from RM his loss but you cannot do this (has to be sender)!! Infact he could claim more DOH!

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