I finally got my date through for my ultrasound!!
After only waiting since June for it!! (well February really, but 2nd time lucky!)

Its for this Thursday! Am really hoping that they see/don't see something that means we can move forward!

Unfortunately was only on Thursday that Graham agreed with me that when we got the date for the scan through "he'd do his thing"
So he was gutted when i handed him the letter this morning!!!

I am really shocked that its come through now... and that its actually for this week not for in 12 weeks time or something (thats what i was expecting!)

Just wanted to share that with you!!!
Good luck with the scan. Hope you hear something that enables you to move on a bit more on this journey. :hugs:

Let us know how you get on.


Hayley thats great news x

Unfortunately was only on Thursday that Graham agreed with me that when we got the date for the scan through "he'd do his thing"

^^ I'm confused :oops:
"his thing" = *whispers* his own particular test :oops:
Oh yer ..... erm ....


My OH still hasn't used his birthday prezzie :rofl:
Awwww that is great news hun!!

Good luck with it! xx
fingers crossed for you honey, i hope everything works out ok and you stork arrives quick smart... :hugs:
Still don't think the stork will be coming for awhile...
but glad we might actually start getting somewhere!
Will definately be updating everyone, am shocked that there's 6 replies to this thread, wasn't expecting it!!!

Thanks Helen, am feeling so positive after chatting with you today, knowing that regardless which route we have to go down that it is possible to still be strong like you are!! You've really given me strength today, Thank you!! xox

Think now that i seem to be getting somewhere i might start a TTC diary too :oops:

Love and babydust to all

I really hope things start looking up for you Hayley if anything ruling things out.

I know it's not much help but having conceiving in the past your time will come IT WILL maybe they just need to help you push that time along.

I know still I think I'd hate there to be a problem but if I knew the problem I'd know where I stand & if treatment is available.

Looking forward to your diary too x
Well from what the consultant said the only problem is i'm overweight...
And they think that from previously having PCOS that there may be cysts or something there.... Which hopefully if they do whatever they can do will help, like you say push that time along!!

Am so excited about the ultrasound!!!!!

*does silly grin again*

Its 9.30am on thursday... So have to get up early to drink lots and lots of water.... yay!!!! lol!!!

The TTC diary sounds good hun........lets face it, now you are under the hospital, the more info you can give them the better.....I really wish you loadsa luck hun and hope that stork comes soon! :hugs: xx
Thanks Tam!!!
Have been under the hospital for awhile, but due to paperwork mess ups i've been waiting since Feb for this scan date to come through...

Still dislike the consultant i'm under, and hoping that it gets changed as i've asked.... but from what my GP said the likelyness is that they're gonna refer me over to Liverpool Womens Hospital cos of the ongoingness of it.

I don't care either way at the moment, just want to know if something is wrong, and what we can do about it!!!

Appreciate all the support.. Thank you all so so much!!

Good Luck for thursday Hayley, I really hope its good news for you both :hugs:

We don't have very good consultants between us do we!

One reason I am glad we're moving! Told OH I'm not even going to mess around I'm just going straight to the EPU in my area!
Hiya Hayley

Everything will be fine i'm sure. you remeber what happened to me and everything turned out good. i'm sure g will be fine, my hubby put of doing his thing a few times. there is always something they can do to help. if not the internet is a massive source of information. if g has got issues with his little swimmers get him on the maximuscle supplements. this not only helped us create thomas but also helps with the six pack!!!!

will keep my fingers crossed for you, keep me posted.


Awww thanks hun!!
The last lot he did in Jan were pretty good results, but consultant wants a "more current" test.
Some of the girls recommended zinc tabs & folic acid to help increase the count.... So he's been taking the,,, think he just wants the results to be good! lol! bless him!!!

Will defo be keeping everyone updated though!!!

Definitely do your diary. I can't say I feel particularly strong, in fact I feel a total wimp most of the time! :shock:

Whilst I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, it really helps reading about other people who are in the same sort of boat.


Well you come across as being very strong!!
And you made me feel strong so be proud! lol!! :hugs:

Am gonna sit and do my diary tonight if i get chance, make a start...
If not will start it tomorrow


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