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Dear Mr Storky... write your letter to Mr Storky too!

Dear mr storky. Im not new to this but i just hope you deliver a gorgeous new baby to me safe and sound quicker than i think you will. After having a daughter delivered to me sleeping and my last one barely with us i am sure you'll do a better job next time.
Dear Mr Storky

I thought you had visited this month but I must have missed you. It would be great if you could stop by again? I promise that I will be a great hostess (and mother)!
Dear Mr Storky

This is a little ridiculous. I've been nauseated, crampy, dizzy, back-achey, head-achey, feet swelly, breast hurty, and mood swingy. But still no BFP. What's the deal? Let's try this again in a day or two, and this time I mean business. Let me know what's going on in there.
My dear old friend

I'm back again to ask for another blessing this month . Not for me but for a very very dear friend who has waited a long time for your visit . She has been so gracious in waiting and supportive to all around her . It IS her time now . She will make a fantastic mum of that I've no doubt . So Mr Stork its time , go pay her a visit and leave her a special precious gift this month

I as always will be eternally grateful

Dear Mr Storky,
I know you're prolly all flapped out but I'd really like you to pay some visits to several on Christmas if you can and if you could swing by my house just after New years I'd be ever so grateful.

Dear Mr. Storky,

I am new to the forums, so i'd be very grateful if you'd deliver me a very special welcome gift :)

Thank you Mr. Storky.
Dear mr Storky,

You owe me a bfp this month.
Looking forward to it!

Super thankful,
Bloblo Dreamstarr
Dear Mr Stormy:

This month would be a great month for a sticky bean. REALLY sticky, none of this 8 -12 week business. A bean that stays cozy for 37+ weeks would be ideal.

Give us something to make dreary November weather more interesting and joyful.

<3 Mayacat
Dear Mr Storky,

I know that I'm new here, and that you have a lot of other ladies to help on here.

Ever since middle school, when asked what I wanted to do with my life, I never had an answer. I never had a drive to have any particular career. I think that's because I would someday want to be a mom, more than anything. I'm viewing the situations that prevent me from working as blessings in disguise, that will allow me to be what I truly want to be: A stay at home mom.

Because I can't work, I consider my occupation right now to be SAHM-in-training. I'm trying to get PCOS and weight under control while learning all that I can about my body, pregnancy, and raising a child.

Please, though, help me to get a promotion, soon.

Dear Mr Storky
I am undecided what to do. I have been lucky that you have already blessed me with two lovely little girls but I dont feel done and know because my health I am running out of time.

Please help me make my mind up.
Mr. Storky, I would really like you to bless my boyfriend and me with a baby. We do not mind if it is a boy or girl, as long as it is healthy. I know that we are not doing things the traditional way but we both feel that we are ready for a little bundle of joy. I promise that I will do my best to be a mother. I will do everything I can to make sure that the baby is taken care of. I have been trying to conceive, yet I still keep coming up negative. Please visit me soon. Thank you very much.
Sir Stork,

My little daughter you brought three years ago is such a joy. I am so happy to have her in my life, and so is her daddy.

But she's not so tiny any more. She's potty trained, and she can put on her own pants. She eats with a fork and drinks from a cup and she's just......... not a baby any more, you know?

Her daddy and I are ready for a new baby. She really wants one, too. A sister.

Please send us another little lady to love and cherish and guide!

Respectfully yours,

P.S. We would be just as happy with a boy!
Dear Mr.Story,

Please come see us this month, my daughter would like a sister sooooo badly! We will be elated with whatever we are given but a little girl would be awesome!!
Dear Mr.Storky,

I've wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I've always been ambitious but known that motherhood was more important to me. I have always felt being a parent is the only thing that will bring me true happiness, a real purpose, a reason to exist.

I've yearned, cried, wished, waited and finally found this wonderful man who wants a family as much as me. Who stands by me and supports me when I can't support myself.

We have out little flat and we have planned everything for baby "Olive" (we are both SOOO hoping for a girl, we even jve her name choosen) she already has clothes, a cot, moses basket, boucer, nappies... Its like she's already concived and with us. Maybe we tempted fate by starting to buy baby stuff only to be hit by this massive weight of potential infertility (on my part) please don't say I won't get to be happy. I cant wait to hold my little one in my arms and teach her about the world. I can't wait to watch her grow and develop her own personality, to see her giggle and watch her sleep, to see my partner be a dad. Please let our dream become a reality.

All we want to do is turn a couple into a Family, its not that much to ask I hope...
Yours sincerely

Sasha xx
Dear Mr storky.

My husband and I have been trying and wanting for a long time. Although I have been lucky to be pregnant twice already to two amazing children, my husband has not had the experience of having his own. He loves my two as though they are his own and is an amazing father. Please let us both have the chance of having a beautiful bundle.

Kind regards

Dear mr storky

Last time I wrote to you, you gave me a little one but he only stayed for 9weeks. This time im begging you for a healthy little bundle. Please search carefully and deliver him to me soon.

Thank you so much!
Love bloblo
Dear Mr. Storky,

I know there are so many other amazing women on this forum who also need you're help, but I hope you will come visit me soon. I've been wanting to be a mom since I was a small girl, and I finally had my chance, until the mold infestation in my previous apartment and I lost the baby at 12 weeks. I cry for my baby almost every day. I want nothing more than to be a mom Mr. Storky. Please as soon as you can, come see me. I will make a very good mom I promise.

Dear Mr. Storky,

I don't know that I always wanted to be a Mom, like some of the other beautiful ladies I've seen around here. I just know that it something I want right now, more than anything and all I think about. I want to hold a tiny baby in my arms and know that it's mine. I want to see my husband be the best Dad I know he can be and show our baby what a good father should be since his Dad left before he was born. I want to teach it how to ride a bike, tie it's shoes, and instill the best values I possible can for it to learn. I want to read bedtime stories, bandage scrapes and kiss tiny feet. I want to make my extra bedroom into the best nursery & bedroom I can. I hope that you'll visit me soon.

Dear Mr Storky,

I am getting sad now. We've been married for 6 months, and I've been off the pill for 4 years.
I'm at the stage now everyone (family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances) are expecting me to be pregnant now.

My sister announced she's pregnant,
So sister thought and I thought wouldn't it be amazing if we were both pregnant at the same time?

Mr Storky, I'm ready now for a September 2018 baby.

Mr Storky, since AF arrived (4 days ago) all I've thought is when will I be pregnant/am I infertile?
Will I ever become pregnant? Will it be hard? Will it be easy?

DH doesn't know how sad I've got now, sure he's in the same room as me, but I haven't told him about my emotions, my feelings.

I haven't told anyone.
I bury my feelings deep down, I don't want to admit that it isn't easy for us to get preganant. What?, you got pregnant by accident? How you manage that? We been baby dancing like rabbits and I ain't even had a late period. We been having sex marathons, to the point sex gets boring, and no I'm still not pregnant.

So, Mr Storky, I think, as I'm not pregnant and I'm on my painful period, I'm gonna get to the bottom of a bottle of wine or two, or Malibu or Captain Morgan. Mannn... I am so sick to the sight of tampons and sanitary towels. I long for days I buy maternity towels with a new born in my arms.

And I know alcohol is bad for anyone's body, but I've honestly not drank previously and guess what, I still weren't pregnant. I ate fruit and vegetables, folic acid tablets and I exercised and still not even a late period. In fact my period has ran like clock work.

I time aunt flow to the hour, to the minute, to the second.
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