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I thought I’d get a new thread started! I know it’s early but a few of us have found ourselves out before Christmas and it’ll be nice to be able to look forwards and hope we start 2023 with BFPs!

Let me know your testing date and I’ll add you to the list!


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I’ve added myself based on my previous cycle length but I never know if or when I’ll ovulate! I plan to do soy isoflavones again this cycle as they seem to work well for me. Doing CD2-6 so starting tonight!
Thanks for starting the new thread @jellybeanxx You can tentatively put me down for January 15th, but it all depends on when I ovulate. Ever since I started intermittent fasting in September 2021, my cycles have been much more regular than they used to be. I typically ovulate between CD 19 and 22 now. A 4 day ovulation window is sooo regular for me.

Although if I do have a wonky cycle, it usually happens in January. The stress of the holidays and being on a weird schedule usually delays it. So we'll see how this year goes.

Are you feeling any better?
@jellybeanxx I'm thrilled that you started this thread!! I'm still waiting to O but I want to follow along with you ladies since I always test near the end of the month and I am SURE I will be joining you here!
Thanks for making the thread Jellybean. cd3 here and AF has been unpleasant as yesterday me and DH and our 2 eldest all came down with a horrible sickness bug. We was all throwing up and having AF on top of that is not fun.
Still feeling grim today and temp is up so chart will look crazy but hopefully everything will settle soon and my temp will be back down again.
My normal ovulation is cd13 but it has been earlier and also later. Hoping this bug isn’t going to hinder it. I Will hopefully be able to give a date for testing when and if I get my peak.
Hoping to join you ladies this month. Currently day 20 from a medically managed miscarriage. We found out at our 12 week scan that baby had passed away at 8.3 weeks. I’m still lightly bleeding but only when wiping and my tests are finally looking faint now. Feels weird to want them to fade and not get darker. I in no way want to replace this baby we just lost but I feel I need to focus on trying again. I feel so empty and heartbroken from losing them I can’t bare it. I wanted my baby so desperately. I knew something felt wrong all through the first trimester. My symptoms even vanished bang on when baby passed but my concerns were dismissed. I’d tried continuously from week 9 to find baby’s heartbeat with my Doppler and obviously couldn’t find it so I knew in my heart early on that baby was gone. I know it would be sensible to wait until I have my next period but I really don’t think I can. It feels like it’s been such a long wait already for this bleeding to stop and my tests to fade. I never imagined it would take this long. 20 days and it’s still not over yet. I’m worried my cycles will be messed up from this because I have a history of long anovulatory cycles but I’m hoping so hard it won’t happen. I’m feeling scared to try again because I never want to go through this again but I’m so desperate for one last baby. Having had that precious one in my grasp and have them taken away has only made the desire for one more so much stronger.

@jellybeanxx thank you for starting the thread. I’m hoping having you ladies to chat to will keep me sane while I wait to be able to try again. I’m also sorry to see you’re still ttc. Wishing you all the best for this cycle.

and good luck to all you other ladies
@Suggerhoney oh love I’m sorry to see you’ve been sick again. There’s so much illness going around it’s crazy. I’m dreading the kids bringing anything home in this last week before they break up. That’s what I hate about this time of year. All the bugs. I worry about having a winter due date for that reason. I hope you’re all feeling better. Wishing you heaps of luck and positive vibes for this cycle.
@Laurabub84 been thinking about you when I had the d&c in June we didn't wait until my next period to try again I just wanted to get back on the horse so to speak, praying the tests turn negative soon for you and the bleeding stops xx
@Laurabub84 I’m so sorry lovely, my heart breaks for you! :hugs: I can understand wanting to start trying again straight away to have something to focus on. Here whenever you need us!

@Suggerhoney I hope you’re all feeling better soon! Do you want me to put a date on for you?

@S_Dowd I’ll add you on! I know what you mean about wonky January cycles, they’re never great for me either and I think it’s because I typically gain weight over Christmas so I’m trying to be more mindful of that. My body is so sensitive to weight gain and ovulation. I have to keep below a certain weight to even have a chance of ovulating. It’s not even that much either! My ovaries are such divas :haha:
I’m feeling better now thanks, pulled my positivity knickers back up and ready to crack on with this cycle!
I'm here prematurely as AF hasn't shown yet but I feel she is just around the corner. Had a temp drop and I'm cramping. I'm only 10dpo though and usually have a 12day LP but also don't normally cramp before AF so maybe another sign that the D&C messed me up? I hope it hasn't caused my LP to shorten.
@tdog Thank you hun. When I spoke to the nurse after my miscarriage she said I don’t have to wait to try again if I feel ready, they just like you to have had a period first for dating purposes. Dh has agreed to try again as he knows how much this means to me but I’m not sure he’ll let me straight away. We haven’t discussed it yet as we’ve not been able to do anything due to still bleeding. Im going to leave it up to him and if he wants me to wait for a period first then I will. As hard as that waits going to be. These were my tests this evening, they’ve been getting fainter by the day this last week so I’m hoping another couple of days and they’ll be back to negative.
I was so worried i was going to end up still having to have the d&c after it all.
It’s still so hard tho, I would have been 15 weeks on Friday. Just wish I could have them back :sad2:

@NDH sorry hun I haven’t been keeping up, will this be your first af from the d&c? If af does show, and I hope she doesn’t for you, then I really hope you get your rainbow in your new cycle. I’ve pretty much made up my mind I’m not going to wait. Problem is I don’t know when to start trying ovulation tests or when to expect my first af. I’m so desperate to start trying again so I can have something positive to focus on. I hope you get your bfp asap.
@NDH sorry hun I haven’t been keeping up, will this be your first af from the d&c? If af does show, and I hope she doesn’t for you, then I really hope you get your rainbow in your new cycle. I’ve pretty much made up my mind I’m not going to wait. Problem is I don’t know when to start trying ovulation tests or when to expect my first af. I’m so desperate to start trying again so I can have something positive to focus on. I hope you get your bfp asap.

Thanks. We did wait til after my first period, which came exactly 4 weeks after the D&C (my normal cycles are 24-26 days). Still waiting to find out whether I'm out or not but I'm not feeling too hopeful.

I haven't stopped counting weeks yet either - I'd have been 21 weeks. I have a cheap phone that doesn't have a lot of storage so I can't have any apps, so instead of a pregnancy app I added all my weeks to my calendar, and now I can't open and use my calendar for anything else because my weeks count is on there. I had a miscarriage last year on mother's day too and would have been due last year new years eve, so coming up on that anniversary on top of everything else is extra hard.
@jellybeanxx Thanks for starting this thread!

I ended up having another chemical pregnancy this cycle. I’ve gotten pregnant every other cycle since my pregnancy in July that ended in MC at 9 weeks.

but, I’m somewhat hopeful that things seem to be happening. Praying I get a healthy sticky bean soon!

I will most likely O on Christmas Day! Can you put me down as testing on January 10? I’m hoping this is a really lucky day for us! And a great month for all of those testing and TTC. :dust:
@NDH oh hun that sounds horrendous. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. I’ve had chemicals in the past and thought they were hard. I couldn’t imagine going through this more than once and I pray so much we won’t again. It’s so hard not to keep thinking where you would be. I hope your get your healthy rainbow bfp. I’m rooting so hard for you

@elmum I’m sorry for your losses. I hope your next bfp is a healthy sticky little bean.

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